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Temecula CA – It was only a matter of time before the effort to legalize weed, aka Washington/Colorado style, would attract the attention of the 420Nurses, the sweethearts of Mary Jane’s rodeo. The language for the law was in a bit of a churn as various factions in the movement vied for ego trips, but finally the version that Jack Herer came up with remained the backbone of the drawn up measure to legalize weed use in 2014. 

To get the measure on the ballot, the MMJ modeling group has undertaken to fan out and get the required amount of signatures for the measure to be accepted. Given the self-admitted bungling of bringing over 100,000 petition signatures a day late, missing the opportunity for Jack’s Law to qualify from the era of Jeff Clark/Richard Eastman, I don’t see the same inefficiency in an organization structured like the 420Nurses

After the jump, ChaCha lays out in her own words the reasons for keeping a plant God put here legal and accessible. Compare her words to those of Murrieta’s leadership in keeping the ban against access in place. Who would you rather sit next to in church if Jesus was giving the sermon?

How to Legalize it in 20 minutes California Registered voters only! - By ChaChaVaVoom

WE NEED 504,760 Signatures to Legalize Cannabis in CA!

Step 1: Print the Official Petition to propose a ballot initiative for Nov 4 2014.
(Official petitions will not be available until early 2014, Sign Up to be notified when signatures are being collected! Please be sure you are registered to vote! Visit )

Step 2: Watch a short YouTube video to properly fill out your Official Petition.

Step 3: SIGN IT! If it's just you great, or get as many friends as you can find to sign it. (REMEMBER, each person/signature must be currently registered to vote at the address they reside at. College students are a little trickier unless you are in the political science dept.) - Ed

Step 4: Mail everything back. Just send your petition back to us and we can take care of the rest.

Be sure to sign up to be notified when it's time for you to print out your official petition!

Click "Home Page" and complete the form on that page to be part of our "emergency alert system" for when your vital signature will be needed within a 150 day period to qualify a ballot initiative with the CA Secretary of State.


100 Mind Boggling Reasons to Legalize Cannabis -

Abraham Lincoln said, "A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which this government was founded."

Prohibition of cannabis costs at least $40 Billion a year to enforce, and some estimates go as high as $100 Billion.

Over 2.7 million US children have one or more parent in prison because of the drug war.

Cannabis legalization resulted in a reduction of drunk driving deaths in Colorado by 12%.

It also resulted in a reduction of crime in Colorado by 6%.

Regulation keeps kids safe by requiring ID for sales.

Reputable businesses would sell cannabis, not unethical street dealers.

Cannabis can stop metastasis of many aggressive and otherwise incurable cancers.

There is a war at the US border - legalization of cannabis would stop the trafficking.

Marijuana is the number one item seized at the Mexican border. In 2009, 1.5 Million kilos of cannabis seized, only 17,085 kilos of the #2 item, Cocaine.

Cannabis is a plant, a natural growing thing, and a gift from The Lord.

Legal alcohol takes lives, causes dangerous behavior and reckless thought processes. The hypocrisy is stunning!

Prohibition of cannabis is not what the constitution intended. It clearly says life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Prohibition kills. Good cops lose their lives fighting the drug war.

Cannabis saves. Cancer patients find healing with cannabis.

We pay an average of $47K per year to jail someone. We only pay $12K to educate a child.

Countries where drugs are legal have the lowest rates of usage among young people.

Young people think smoking cannabis is "cool" - legalization would help remove this image.

Cannabis is popular with young people because regulation works; they can't get alcohol so instead will use cannabis.

Cannabis is a safe alternative to legal alcohol.

Many ill people have sensitive stomachs and can't take prescription pills.

Prescription drugs kill 32,000 Americans per year.

Peanuts kill 100 people a year. Elevators and escalators kill 30 people per year. Falling out of bed kills 450 people.

Legal alcohol kills 85,000 Americans per year.

Tobacco kills 435,000 Americans per year. Cannabis kills zero people.

Aspirin kills 7,600 Americans per year, cannabis is a safe alternative.

The founding fathers cultivated hemp and likely used it for euphoric purposes, as evidenced in George Washington's diary.

The taxes from cannabis can offer cities, school districts, police departments, states, etc. millions of dollars in revenue.

Colorado recently bought over a million dollars in textbooks for children with cannabis tax money.

Prohibition failed us once already in the 1930’s.

Prohibition funds gang and criminal activity.

There have been over 23 million arrests in the last 30 years for cannabis.

Arresting cannabis users, especially youths, and branding them criminals drives them to a life of crime.

Hemp is an industrial product worth trillions.

Hemp is legal throughout the much of the rest of the world.*

Cannabis prohibition is racist; minorities are arrested at disproportionate rates.

In 1937 Harry Anslinger testified that cannabis made white women want to sleep with black men. And made black men want to rape white women.

Mr. Anslinger also testified it would make black men think they were as good as white men.

Cannabis is used in traditional Chinese medicine, known as "Ma."

Cannabis was made illegal through the use of "yellow journalism," fear mongering using hype and lies attempting to paint cannabis as the cause of sensational crimes, like ax murders.

90% of arrests in NYC for cannabis possession are black males.

Cannabis legalization is the majority opinion. PEW poll from early 2013, 52% support legalization. Other polls have put support as high as 96%.

Cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug on the Controlled Substance Act, meaning it has no medical value. However, the federal government currently distributes cannabis to 11 ill Americans.

19 States have legalized the medical use of cannabis.

2 States have legalized all uses of cannabis, with many more to come.

Legalization is neither a Red or Blue issue, it's not black or white. It's everyone's issue. People from all sides are crying for legalization.

Hundreds of thousands have died in the war on drugs.

51% of people incarcerated are drug offenders and less than 10% of those were for violent crimes.

Caucasians account for 83.5% of all drug violations but African Americans are 57 times more likely to go to jail if they are accused of a drug violation.

The experts the government uses for studies on cannabis are proven biased and happy to lie. Also most studies were done over 20 years ago. The statement that cannabis kills brain cells was based on a study from the 1950's where monkeys were forced to inhale the smoke of 63 joints within 5 minutes over a 3 month period. Lack of oxygen was the problem.

The majority of people pushing drug prohibition have a vested financial interest in it. They are heavily invested in private prisons, rehab facilities, drug testing companies and timber.

US Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Bush have all admitted to using cannabis.

You can be an educated person and use cannabis. (And the opposite is true)

The drug war has cost this country, and our children, over $1 trillion.

Cannabis is not a gateway drug-despite what the government says. It's less addictive than chocolate and most addicts start with tobacco or alcohol.

Most cannabis users only occasionally consume cannabis and most people will admit they have tried it.

Cannabis can easily be used as fuel, a direct blow at the Middle East's oil cartels.

The ability to grow cannabis at home could provide many people with simple natural alternatives for ailments or other household uses.

The book of Genesis states cannabis is one of the many useful herbs, it was blessed by God on the third day of creation, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good."

It’s been proven: there is no link to cannabis and lung cancer.

Cannabis is proven to protect against white matter brain damage from alcohol.

Prohibition is not decreasing demand.

Jamestown, Virginia (America's first settlement) had laws stating cannabis was to be produced by all farmers.

The justice system cannot afford the burden of prohibition any longer. How many real criminals will walk free because of the millions of man hours wasted on prohibition?

Cannabis activists will never stop fighting; maybe it's time to listen.

Cannabis users are being unfairly prosecuted. According to the US Department of Education you cannot receive student financial aid if you are convicted of possession of any amount of cannabis, however you do qualify for student aid if you are a convicted rapist.

Registered medical marijuana users are now forbid from 2nd Amendment rights of gun ownership via Holder's DOJ memo. No murmur at all from NRA membership.

Almost 9 in 10 Americans favor replacing jail time for civil fines for cannabis crimes yet we continue to incarcerate at ever increasing rates.

Cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, like Cheryl Shuman, are ready to bring cannabis profits out of the shadows and onto Wall Street.

There have been multiple legalization and regulation bills introduced not only in the US Congress but also in many state houses in 2013.

Parents should be most afraid that their children will one day grow up and be arrested for smoking a little cannabis after a stressful days work.

Many prohibitionists have been exposed as closet cannabis users, including a recent report of a NY Republican Assemblymen Steve Katz (an avid prohibitionist) was caught with cannabis in his car in 2013.

There are as many as 33,000 people in California jails on cannabis charges at any one time.

Most people do not support prohibition, and enforcement of bad laws degrades public opinion and respect for police, the justice system, and other laws.

CA Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom supports the legalization of cannabis.

Legal cannabis sales are estimated to be a $100 million taxable industry.

Legalization will support honest working people through the cottage industry of cannabis.

Legalization would drastically reduce sales to teens which would also severely limit their exposure to other drugs via street dealers.

California's most expensive cash crop, cannabis, pays taxes on its $14 Billion per year industry. That's almost double the second most valuable, milk!

More than 700,000 people are arrested every year for cannabis. How will they get jobs with a criminal record?

Knowledge is power. Please pass this information along to your friends.’ – ChaCha Va Voom

(* - for the world view about cannabis see the upcoming How Green Is My Valley; all emphasis – Ed)

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