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Temecula, CA – Doomsday Eve, I was in LA to attend the Christmas NORML meeting at JEMM. 

It was a special meeting befitting the occasion. I was dropping the recently completed book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, The Autobiography of My Alter Ego, and I wanted to announce the official release to the original organization that sought to end the persecution of a plant that God put here.

There was a time when God meant something, but these days God has as much worth as the Constitution. It is what it is. This time was called for long ago, and now this time is here. Occupy LA was my wake-up pass.

I knew something or someone special would be at that meeting and this time it wasn’t my Spidey Sense, it was my Doc Strange blood. Since I knew ‘they’ were coming, I brought a baked cake.

Earlier that day I told the book editor Jeff I felt I had to do something special since Saint Nick had blessed me before Christmas in Orange County as he chilled prior to the holiday rush. So I walked down to ‘K’ Bakery and selected a whole cake like the slice I had eaten earlier, Red Velvet. It was then inscribed with a message befitting the night.

The night was magical, busy, and bustling with people. Rueben, JEMM publisher, was being the singular focal point of the party/meeting since it was held inside his sprawling antique business. Even the huge parrot’s voice was lost in the clamor at times. If you have read some of the stories from that night, or know how things can be at times in politically charged meetings where there is a definite generation gap in the membership, it was into this that I brought my bought cake. The big pink box got a eye of interest from several guests in attendance. Rueben directed me to put the box back on the oval gold Elvis table. I made my way over and deposited my offering for the evening.

At the meeting I got my announcement in and caught the attention of one woman in a group of young women, the 420Nurses. I had seen them previously in articles and in several marijuana magazines. I thought the idea was novel and the group there was very attractive, being models.

Later when the meeting broke up, the crowd [it was packed with people who usually didn’t make the regular meetings] lined up at the table, got food, then socialized a bit. Before long someone noticed the pink box, and the Red Velvet cake was revealed. Photos were taken by Richard Eastman that later appeared in JEMM. I chilled in the background.

Jesus would have been proud. Everyone there got a slice and there was even one left over for me. I thanked the Lord. The cake was delicious; I knew it, so I was down for seconds. 

Almost as I finished my piece, a 420Nurse called me over to the group and introduced herself as ChaCha Va Voom. 
She then introduced the Nurses group to me saying, "This is PT Rothschild."

Though I abide by the Hollywood motto, “Never let them see you sweat”, on the inside I was going, ‘Wow, I was right not to be chinchie.’

The cake was the closer. And I knew right then, shit had cracked.

It didn’t take the magic long to appear. The very first story about the group yielded both the group’s modern Mores and a ‘money shot’ lead-in photo to the story. I was enchanted.

The alluring mystique of the 420Nurses the world sees also continued for me until I came across the 420Nurses picture that opened my eyes to the real issue of compassion that unites these attractive young people.

Flash forward.

By the last LA NOMRL meeting I had decided that the 420Nurses were the agency to promote for my book Memoirs. They are active, 

go to shows, expos, functions, and are innovative for bettering the 420Nurses community physically and mentally through social networking. Wherever they go, they arrive in unique style and offer a formidable lineup of stunning women,

Offering different looks but united by one theme that sets this female group apart from any other, hoochie mamas included. 

As told in TurningOver that day the deal was struck and soon I was again working with old, old friend Vince [Nice Day band, Vince's D2D Flyer Distribution] on a simple ad design expressing one point. The wording was set and the ad sent to the 420Nurses for review.
In less than half a day, even with the hectic schedule of running an international organization, the verdict came back. The ad, as is, went up live on the site where it is highly visible every day, almost like the green book ad here at the Calendar.
So now, without further ado, presenting the ONLY official reading (and soon listening) Rx to medicate your mind with, in the literary sense:


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