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Temecula, CA – On the night of October 31, 2009, two young women dressed up as sexy nurses, a different angle from the typical role model image offered up on the magical night. But these women made their costumes even more magical by making a political statement. They added marijuana symbols to their medical outfits.
Shazam! And Gol-lee, the next thing you know young women are inquiring where to join, thanks to the usual suspect, Social Media. Make a note, Hollywood and Halloween Night.

Thanks to this being the future, it wasn’t long before the number of 420Nurses as the group officially is called, doubled and re-doubled and begot a scene. From the days of Madlins/Java Joz/Cuppys and knowledge of the George Plimpton definition, a scene is magical, made up of an eclectic mix of people, all on the same wavelength, sharing a common love for art and freedom, and no one ever uses their real name. That’s the fun of it.
You see Sports Fans, there is a lot of marijuana activism taking place these days, but the one group poised to set the water on fire in a time-honored fashion is the 420Nurses.

Founder and current CEO, Cha Cha VaVoom, has taken the group down the traditional ‘let’s get noticed’ avenues, appearing at various Kottonmouth Kings and other music shows

Venues like The House of Blues.

The group has touched base with non-music grassroots activists like Riverside's Lanny Swerdlow,

And The Human Solution of Perris, 

Sometimes seeking out the famous, especially when they cure themselves of cancer using cannabis (and an organic diet) like Tommy Chong.

When you are a modeling agency, you have to get your name out.

The business premise is simple. Hire the 420Nurses, high class photogenic models, 

and they promote your wares. Their platforms include ads on the site, personal picture color biz cards, booth ads/modeling at exhibitions and onsite photo ops to generate additional foot/visual traffic. As a teen, I still remember the long lines at the gas station when they had girls in bikinis pumping the gas. Of course those girls weren’t advertising marijuana.
And that’s the rub. So far, only businesses within the medical cannabis culture are paying clients.

The group hasn’t broken the 2% barrier yet. What is the 2% barrier, you ask? It is the lowest general population point where your name/product becomes a ‘household word’. What accelerates this process is when an event causes the public to notice, to blink. In Hollywood they call it ‘catching lightning in a bottle.’ Outside Hollywood it is known as the ‘wow’ factor.

                 *              *              *               *

So let us summarize. You have a group of young women who are political

in standing up for the local little guy

Advocates a fitness program, simple and free, via YouTube

And yet get maligned like Spiderman in his early days

All because they smoke weed, many for medical reasons, but

United as a visual art community

Producing eye-catching cannabis-themed photography

Sometimes circus athletes

Led by a woman with Wonder Woman lungs.

With a girly Mary Jane motto

A mantra magically simple

And the flowering of young women collectively, all fueled by Mary Jane, means

One thing is true, whether Movement or Moment, the 420Nurses advance like the Pinkertons

So you do the math.

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