Thursday, September 12, 2013



Temecula, CA – With the war talk possibly being diverted by the Russians [Syria and Snowden, go Putin] and Kerry positioning himself to be the next Skull’n’Bones President, perhaps we will see if Obama moves past the police bullying to keep the clamps down on medical marijuana patients/ clinics/states.

Continuing to beat down sick people who smoke pot shows how our ex-stoner President is out of touch, or at least as out of touch as the rest of the country with regards to the difference between stoners and sickies.

A case in point is the girl in the picture on the right. This young woman who shoots insulin at least 4 times a day, says ingesting cannabis boosts her body’s natural insulin by 16% thereby reducing the amount of injected insulin which has risen 200% since Obama took office.
“I knew this was true before I read the [medical] report stating the percentage [amount]. I could just tell it. I medicate before I eat and after,” said the girl inside the 420Nurses scene known as Le Bleu, a photographer, at LA’s NORML meeting.

Becoming acquainted with the Nurse member at Pacoima who was also shooting the Green Pearl as the ‘I’m with the band’ camera talent, I was able coax a little background story between shots like this one showing the crew at Green Pearl.  

The girl Friday photog who can resemble a Spy vs Spy at times

Does clean up well to reveal her charming side with her other two amigos, Rina Ripz [l] and Savage 420 [r], seen here at JEMM’s NORML gathering. At the site, Le Bleu is listed 'Photographer' not 'patient' showing where her self-esteem lay.

Another diabetic who has used cannabis for years to help with his medical condition is Fast Eddy, who now lays claim to having the #4 and #5 top medical cannabis shops in the nation, according to from a recent survey. Seen here from his days of promoting a scene for his daughter Destiny, now a college student in Vegas, Fast Eddy has been the subject of a number of cannabis stories here at the Calendar. 

I first met Fast Eddy outside the music scene as we sat in his French Valley home’s garage watching sports. He was rolling blunts. Like Richard Eastman, I’m not a blunt guy, but when in Rome…

After a bit, Fast Eddy got out a small black leather pouch and unzipped it. At first, looked like a ‘kit’ used by heroin addicts, but I knew that wasn’t the case. I have chanced across some heroin addicts and their demeanor is entirely different. Eddy perhaps noticing the question mark above my head quickly explained his diabetic medical condition and how marijuana smoking helped his condition. It was the first time of me hearing about the medical benefit cannabis has toward the suffering caused from having diabetes.

Today there are numerous studies attributing benefits from ingesting marijuana for relief and aid in dealing with diabetes, all kept from the public view by our loving elected officials, for their best interests. However the tide is turning, and today’s diabetic is one of the growing mountain of enlightened world citizens fighting the use of money to disenfranchise sick people. For us, Mary Jane is our Jane d' Arc.

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