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Temecula, CA – The last two weeks have climaxed a summer of marijuana recognition in both the
public and private sector. Books [including mine], movies, magazines [Rolling Stone, reviewed here], more health news, and finally the DOJ memo stating a relaxed, hands-off stance to states that run a proper pot regulated program. With so much weed smoke going up, what’s the best way to make my little green book stand out against all the hubbub, Bub?

Expecting a fundraiser and a meeting, I had intentions of renewing my business relationship with the 420Nurses who would be in attendance. My last meeting with LA’s NORML had occurred months before my summer vacation. The citizen pushback against government machination is like a soap opera, you can keep up just hitting it Monday and Friday. This was the first time that I took the subway to the meeting also. Fuuuuccckk! Oh yeah.

It was one of those picture perfect Hollywood clear blue skies [look Ma, no spraying] days that are patently So Cali; warm almost hot, sunny, and a breeze. A perfect day for tanning, but be warned, this is two in the afternoon, not ten in the morning. I am wearing my camo shorts but the meeting is set to end at 7PM so I am pushing the weather envelop.

Soon people and more 420Nurses start streaming in. the day mixer began after a number of patients begin to eat and socialize. Small groups gathered to medicate together and that’s the difference. It isn’t a stoner party with a keg and joints. The people here, young and old, pretty and period dated, are all medical patients. Some people smoke bowls, others a bong and some a joint. With today’s bud clumps, unless you have a grinder to ‘sandbox your shit’, joints are pre-rolled beforehand. The latest rage however is dabbing.

Dabbing and/or vaping are both 21st Century ways of ingesting cannabis. To dab, you heat a metal surface to glowing hot then apply a solidified waxy distilled form of hash. The vapor, inhaled at less volume than a bong hit, carries no carcinogens created by combustion and is reported to be 16 times stronger than your average bong hit potency. I tried a dab at Pacoima. It didn’t seem much different than a vape hit which is tastier.

Vapes and e-cigs are self-contained electronic [in most cases] devices which heat either dry herb
material or oil, incense or hash or hookah, to vapor, again without carcinogens and also without the telltale smell of Mary Jane. The high tech meets low tech moral argument was discussed and settled in my opinion over a year ago with my review of the Arizer vape here (see archives).

Admittedly, vaping and dabbing especially, are a youth market niche carved out by tech means to an end, the stealth ingestion of medicine, herbs, or nicotine without detection. Already the type of e-cig with a lighted chamber is going the way of the Razr, cool looking but outdated. For some, nothing electronic was in and the distillation/refinement of dab wax ingestion is akin to huffing model kit glue, called ‘hippie crack’ by self-appointed MC Richard Eastman. Dab Wars, oh Mercy.

Cause meetings on any subject offer a speaker a platform to air their grievances to an audience. It is expected that the person on the mic keep it elevated and not make it a personal aired grievance.

Certainly not everyone Richard’s age agreed with his antiquated outlook as you can see in the picture below.

The 420Nurses showed poise and professionalism by taking the high road [no pun intended] and following the set itinerary they had with no pause given to the activist from the 60s or his viewpoint, which didn’t appeared to be shared by any I saw.

Instead Cha Cha, left; Lexi Leggo, center; and Summer Rain, right, promoted to organization Vice President at this meeting, 

beamed only a positive message to fans and newcomers alike. It is likely few outside Ruben, LA JEMM publisher/host, and several others know that one of the primary aims of Cha Cha’s is to bring unity to both the medical and stoner markets for the legitimization of both. A tall order to be sure but a noble purpose; one beyond money.

A new cannabis magazine also made its debut at the August NORML meeting. Green Leaf Magazine, represented by Brent, mag founder, and GL’s photographer, Jerry Krecicki, copies of the premiere issue were made available to NORML readers as GLM chatted up head nurse, Cha Cha VaVoom, after remarking ‘Wow’ about the nom de plume. The magazine is poised for national circulation with a mission statement of unity and a right/healthy lifestyle, a cornerstone, cough, of the 420Nurses movement/organization.

Now with Mary Jane vindicated from the Rim Fire origins and even Republican Senator John McCain open for pot legalization. It looks like the country is turning over a green leaf. It would certainly seem so, mwaaaaahahaha!! 

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