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Temecula, CA – Hi new music lovers, this is DJ Catter. PT Rothschild is up in LA somewhere ‘playing with the 420Nurses’ so like before about six months or so ago, I’m here with some news of the first book review in for PT’s Memoirs, currently available at CreateSpace’s online bookstore and of course, at Amazon [@$2 off MSRP].  

Several months after the Doomsday 2012 official book release, PT was nosing around his friends who had a copy hoping to get a written review. When released the book was somewhere in the 3million mark from #1. We sat around, joked about it, and toked to Memoirs being #1 on the NY Times bestseller list one day. 

When we checked back last August, the book was closing in on the 6million mark. I told Pete, “Just chill out Dude, for a self-published unknown author with no budget, you need a plan. Smoke this here fatty and see what pops out.”

He took a big rip, blew out the smoke and said, “The 420Nurses!!”

Running into PT a few times last month, Pete said that he had engaged the group as his book’s media agents and since had felt an energy enter his life. He looked dazed but not confused. When I brought up the latest about the radio music project, he didn’t even ask about Kixi, and that was a first. Catching the high vibe, I checked on the Amazon website and caught this review:

September 25, 2013

‘this book is awesome. it's not only a great read for people that know Ms. Green, it's also for anyone with an eye for history and social change. as someone born in the 80s, it was interesting to me to see the world through the eyes of Pete from decades before. in many ways we're better off, but at the same time... the world has gotten s***tier. the stories told are funny, all-around entertaining, and the readability of this book is awesome. i tend to not read that much due to short attention span, but this one held it. do yourself a favor and buy it.’ – 4Stars out of 5

(This story was to post on October, 11, 2013 - Ed)

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