Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Temecula, CA – Today as always there are only a few classes of people on the planet. The first and secret class is the controllers. Long ago these were the elongated head Egyptian pharisees that were presented in school to us as been human. They weren’t, which is why they were in control.

The next class is the owners. After that is heads of state. These important figures are elected/appointed, like The Pope. Alongside this class are the reigning families such as Queen Beatrice of The Netherlands. 

Kowtowing underneath next is the government run by politicians and bureaucrats. After that are the workers and then the dependents.

The program is Work, Consume, Reproduce, and Die. Currency is what makes any circuit hum and so it is with society. After the jump, watch the biggest scam in history which is still occurring as you read this.

Here’s a hint: The bankers missed Andrew Jackson but they got Lincoln and Kennedy.
And now, Money, Currency, and The System as it currently stands

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