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Temecula, CA – ‘So two Jews walk into a pork barbeque place and one says…”Oy! It’s Rosh HoshanaI You should be fasting.”
The other replies, “Yes, but I’m not going to leave a tip!”

According to most stories I post about LA, it seems that I am always up there on art or pot
business, but a reporter, like an army, travels on his/her stomach. You have to eat. So this story is about some of the stops to eat at when in LA.

Being a city of millions, this report is just my latest munchies taste treat.

First up, don’t bowwow the Sonora Dogs. These street vendor hotdogs, bacon wrapped, and served the way you want them [jalapeños, relish, mayonnaise, mustard, steamed onions – no High Fructose Corn Syrup ketchup, thank you] are great for that first night in town off the commuter train. For those who are political, the money spent here stays on the lowest and most beneficial level. $   

There are a number of times I’ve been to LA since Occupy. Being a pizza lover, I’ve hit a few places. A spot in Echo Park frequented by hipsters is Two Boots Pizza at 1818 Sunset. Created in NYC’s East Village [1987], the furthest west is this location. Various combination ingredients make up the pizza names. I ordered a slice of The Dude, Cajun bacon chesseburger pie: tasso, andouille, ground beef, cheddar, mozzarella. My friend, the second Jew, ordered The Newman, sopressata and sweet Italian sausage on a white pie; and special menu item this month, The Kraken. $$

The sub-title, though not very original, came from my Jewish friend’s suggestion of eating at The Hungry Pig, 2920 W. Temple St. Alas, the style of BBQ served there was oven roasted meal with sauce poured over it.
For delicious BBQ American style, the place to head is Chinatown, or rather the tip of it, the corner of Spring Street that just poles its head into Chinatown. Discovered when my friend had jury duty, Spring Street Smokehouse Bar-B-Que is so delish that it is a regular for the downtown office staff to meet off the beaten, cough Subway, trail. The full service BBQ menu offers all the usual amenities and we both had the pulled pork sandwiches, which made two meals for me; delicious both times. $$

I returned to Scoops this time around but I also took in a more local ice cream shop in Echo Park, which now actually has the original park and city lake retro-ed including paddle boats. Stopping at the KindKreme, 1700 [W*] Sunset, the corner ice cream shop offers all organic handmade ice cream flavors not quite as exotic as Scoops and a dollar more for less. The fact that there is always a crowd at KindKreme indicates how tasty KK is if you know nothing of Scoops. Both stores will give your sweet tooth a treat. $

(*- There is no East Sunset)

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