Friday, November 15, 2013



Temecula, CA – Malcolm X was a great leader and thinker in a day of great leaders and thinkers.
As such, once he saw the truth that the motivation behind the system was greed and sex, not religion, he was doomed to be assassinated, which he was. However, he didn’t see the truth at the end but rather a year or so before he was killed. JFK’s assassination had quick repercussions. By 1965 he had come to alter his views toward racial separation and the people he once called all ‘blue-eyed devils’. 

Disheartened with the Black Muslims, an American branch of Islam primarily located in Chicago and New York, Malcolm X joined the Sunni sect and traveled aboard in non-European countries that last year, keeping a journal of his travels. The reproduced transcript was released yesterday but some of the heirs have filed suit to prevent publication. No source has revealed the reason as yet. After the jump, the trailer about the book.

Before watching this video, know that this reporter just ordered a copy to be reviewed here as soon as it arrives and is read.

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