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Temecula, CA – Last night this reporter attended his last Vault show as Mr. Pete. As it says in Memoirs, music has always been in my life providing more than comfort. As the music scene developed in this valley, the young performers I started writing about came to call me Mr. Pete since I was older than most of their fathers. Last night like a father watching their kid graduate school, the feeling I had was bittersweet, that is, till the opening notes were played.

Last night’s 5 band show was a good going away show and was a reminder of the level of talent that T-Town is going to miss seeing live at the end of this month. November 29 is a last free show and the 30th is a private Vault family show party.

We have read the bitter, now the sweet, followed by news of the big man in red. That’s right Sports Fans, I have news of Santa and his coming party, after the jump.

Opening last night’s show was Band Wars winner from ‘down the road’, a San Jacinto band named for the intersection of two streets. Made up from past bands, Gilbert Espinoza (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Danny Gililland (Lead Vocals/Bass), Eddie Dyer (Lead Guitar/Back- up Vocals), and Ricky Adame (Drums/Back- up Vocals) pumped out the skunk punk rock. Song lyrics are based on real life attitudes and experiences, not some soda pop fantasies that would fit neatly on the radio, and driven home by searing lead licks and a solid bottom rhythm. Shared vocals complete the package and the band showed why security person Sam picked them to win the Wars. Good ear!! Proof of Sam’s call can be heard on the free self titled 7 song CD demo just released September 2013 and recorded by guitarist of the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Eddie Casillas.

The End Return was the second band and again the stage rocked. The Temecula trio, Steven
Harding-Bass/Vocals, Martin Cueto-Guitar/Vocals, Christian Ruth-Drums play a musical style that is blended with elements of soul, blues, funk, jazz, reggae, metal, and post-punk. Their genre is a blend called Rock/Fusion. The photo of Martin shows why they are playing House of Blues San Diego - Nov. 29, 2013, and opening for Hello Highway. They are working on finishing their first demo CD and are being watched by agency pros for possible management. Steven, the bass player was called up on stage for a little repertoire with Matt, the guitarist/vocals of the next band onstage.

The third band up was a group that I have seen since they were in high school. Although last night a 3 piece, the four member band has two members with Dr.s behind their names and the other two are junior Captains of Industry, but that’s their day jobs and we know how that works in Hollywood. Of course I’m talking about those punk puppies, Matt, Joe [bass/vocals], Dan [drummer/Lakers Fan], and Andy [lead guitar, missed, and MIA] of the pop punk band Strike Twelve

The band, which has released CDs, CD samplers/comps, and played in the scene [Madlins, Java Joz/Cuppys, and The Vault as perennial punk favorites] have a great CD out now titled Moonshine, Felony Records. The album is solid and the songs therein contain themes that are very timely despite appearing slightly humorous at first. Once again you have lyrics based on life experiences. The ten song set last night consisted of seven songs from the latest release. Themes covered in rock punk style were self esteem, California conservation, unity, acceptance, and since being punk, the toilet, on tour to San Francisco, Zombies, beer pong [THE beer pong song], and daddy’s little girls. The last entry put 3 shapely female fans on stage dancing between Matt and Joe, as Dan looked on ‘apounding them drums.
You can catch the band playing between SD, LB, and LA. More on the band at the end of this report.

The next band from Temecula to take the stage was Fly By Night, who also offered the crowd free CD demos. A minute later the CDs were swooped up. Why?
The alternative/Post-Hardcore band based out of Temecula that immediately whipped the crowd into a mosh circle formed in 2009, and won 1st Place in Riverside County Fair’s Battle of the Bands securing 5,000 dollars worth of Fender Equipment and a Gretsch Drum Set. The trio raised the roof and set the crowd up for the headliners with a sound that seemed more than three people onstage. The band, Mitchell Hoskins [lead Guitar, vocals], Aaron Liwanag [drums], and Kevin Hatch [bass], can be contacted through booking agent Stephanie Ruiz. 

You can catch the excitement of FBN at their EP release party in SD at Soma, Jan, 4, 2014, a Saturday.

The headliners of the last ‘show’ at The Vault were a punk group around for a bit and the last to
appear in the Ska/Punk Legends Series Ivan Promotions has brought to T-town for young punk fans, Zebrahead. This night the band, which features two lead singers, one of which reels off snappy, quickly flowing lyrics, follows a more melodic and harmonic style of rock punk, leading the crowd to follow suit. In other words, the songs have a beat that you can move to. Of course being punk, there are sprinkles of R-rated words in them. Think punk Beastie Boys with a band.
The touring band just recently started playing shows again in the United States after being on the road in Europe for at least 3 years. The intimacy of The Vault was appreciated by the band that has been playing stadium shows so they connected with the audience right off the bat. I even made friends with Sal, the very cool merch guy. They had heard about The Vault closing and made mention of the sad event a number of times during their performance. They rocked the place so it was lucky they had brought some apple juice to sustain them through the blistering onslaught of moving around the stage, intense guitar solos, and being in your face, song wise.
Being the last show for paying patrons, it was fitting to have a kick ass band whose name begins with a ‘Z’ to end the Vault’s kick ass run. What’s next for The Vault is below.

As The Vault comes to an end and December starts, we all know whose month that is, Santa Clause (and Jesus, though research shows he wasn’t born in December). On December 20th, Strike Twelve will stage their First Annual Christmas Party at Bratt’s. The guys let me in on a secret about the party. Saint Nicolas himself will be there, along with surprises, presents, and fun, also this will not be an all ages event, 21+

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