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Temecula, CA – There was a day when MTV was music television. That day is gone though MTV remains as a corporate tool, birthing today’s reality show [that is scripted]. But what were the times that birthed MTV

It was a time called ‘the ME generation’ and a reaction to the 70s and 60s, itself a revolution to the establishment and the Man. It was a period of time that I open the chapter titled, ‘Wired’ in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. MTV was cracking, and cracking hard. Even the Man was baffled, trying later to bring down the station scene by way of the PMRC, Tipper Gore’s paycheck [as in ‘got paid’] commission.

Of course, after some time, the Man, aka the suits, bought the station network and (music) television disappeared as the ratings and profits soared. Today MTV is an international network spreading the recognized pop to the masses of sheeple to graze by.

So you could say it is time for music to occupy the earwaves again. Open the door and say hello to Occupy Rock, a stranger I met on the train to LA.

Traveling to LA on the afternoon train can be interesting. I knew this as soon as the gentleman across on the facing seat said he was the Pied Piper of LA. My LLWAP* reporter personally came to the forefront:

Temecula Calendar: So you are the Pied Piper of Los Angeles? How did you get that name?

Stranger: That’s not a name, that’s a title.

TC: (At this time I knew I had stumbled across a ‘magical’ person by the repertoire). Sorry there, let me start over. My name is PT Rothschild, I’m a reporter for Temecula Calendar dot com.

Stranger: My name is Occupy Rock.

TC: (Mystery number two, I thought) Interesting name. Were you at Occupy LA?

Stranger: Yes. I remember you there.

TC: Really?! I don’t remember seeing you, but there were a lot of people there.

Stranger: You and the guy in security had a lot of music.

TC: Yeah I took my music with me there. Him too. You must have been there alright, heh, heh.

Stranger: Oh I was and you two gave me an idea, a truth really.

TC: (By now LLWAP was mesmerized into talking and the reporter had turned into a moth, dazzled by the frame of conversation) A truth. How so?

Stranger: Everything is corporate and time is right for another MTV. Seeing the music you had made me realize that. There is a huge market of people who want real music.

TC: I agree.

Stranger: I am on the way to a meeting in LA with an ex-millionaire and he is hungry to be an ex-ex-millionaire. I have a sample disc of hot music for him to hear because he is launching a new internet network. That’s all the details I can give you.

TC: Wow, that’s cool. Here’s my card. I’m into music, actually both me and Sam (security at Occupy LA). I’d like to keep on top of this story.

Stranger: Here’s mine, but I will be in touch with you. I‘ll need some press if my vision and time are correct. If it is, I will lead those with ears away from the bullshit fed to them like a pied piper through  tunes. The Tunes of Truth.

Before I could go on, the intercom announced LA Union Station so we all gathered our stuff and made our way toward the exit door. The stranger was behind me as we passengers gathered into a throng, with the train slowly pulling into the station.
As I started forward when the doors opened, I turned to say ‘So Long and Good Luck’ to the stranger behind me, but he had disappeared. Maybe he went out the rear exit somehow. I reached into my pocket where I had put his card, and my pocket was empty.
Good to be back in LA again.

(*- LLWAP is reporter talk for 'Lois Lane with a penis')

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