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Temecula, CA – For those who have read the book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, see
ad this site, you know Chapter 7, ‘Start of the Magical Mystery Tour’, a Beatles music reference, heralds my journey into the ‘magical’ side of life.

If truth be told though, things like my Spidey sense were already waiting for that metaphysical time to begin. One of the first instances that such was the case happened on November 22, 1963. I was in the first few months of college at Wilberforce, Ohio, having graduated Male High School in June ’63.

The Central State schedule I set up had a 9-10 class every M-W-F. It was a, I believe, overcast, wintery Friday but not too cold. I came back from class on that nondescript day and since I didn’t have another class until in the afternoon, I decided to take a nap. The usual morning bustle was going on outside my dorm room. I fell asleep without any trouble and immediately started to dream. In the dream I was back in time, by about 100 years, and that wasn’t all as I rubbed my eyes in the dream.

It was nighttime but even so, I realized I didn’t recognize where I was but knowing I was in the past I said, “Wow”, this is a first (for me to dream of the past). The building directly across the street seemed to have a lot of activity and as I looked at it, the building name came into view. It said Ford Theatre.

OMG! I thought to myself. Can I be across from THE Ford Theater? Can this be happening?
Then defying the rational of knowing what was going to happen I decided to try to change history, at least in my dream. I dashed across the street, avoiding horse and buggies along with the crowd of properly dressed people in antique (to me) winter coats. There were some Union Soldiers walking also but I had no time to be a spectator.
Though having no ticket, I pushed my way inside the theatre and through the crowd as I hurried to the stairs leading to the second floor. The second level was even more packed and I started to yell ‘get out of my way’ as I made my way down the mezzanine toward the balcony. Just outside my destination and in a hallway to the balcony, a Union soldier stopped me and as I started to explain why I needed to see President Lincoln, a shot rang out, Bam! Instantly my thought was, ‘Damn, I’m too late.’
At almost the same instant, a student from the dorm started shaking and telling me to wake up. He shouted, “Wake up! The president’s been shot!”
As I moved to the stage of being half awake, I thought to myself, ‘how does this guy know what I’ve been dreaming?’

Again he shook me saying, “Wake up, they shot the President!”

As I opened my eyes, I said, “No, it was a dream. The president (Kennedy) is ok.’
“No,” he shouted excitedly, “President Kennedy has been shot.”
“What?! Oh no!” And suddenly I was completely back in the (1963) present.  

Over the decades whenever you encounter someone who was cognoscente that day, they can tell you exactly what they were doing and where they were that day. After drawing up my conclusions to that phenomenon, the theory I have is that JFK was someone famous in history who had lived before. My personal thought is that John Kennedy was the spirit of King Arthur reincarnated.

So why was Kennedy assassinated by the government? The reasons are pretty simple and can be categorized as a big man stepping on a lot of toes.

·       Kennedy was the only President that stopped the practice of field experimentation on unsuspecting portions of the U.S. general population. Presidents before and after Kennedy have complied with the government program.
·       Kennedy was going to put the Federal Reserve out of business by the minting of money actually done by the country and not a private organization as it is now.
·       Kennedy was going to revoke the charter of the CIA and disband the ‘company’.
·       Kennedy was going to pull us out of Vietnam, ASAP. Compare that to Afghanistan now.
·       Kennedy and his brother Bobby were going to bust up the ‘mob’.
·       Kennedy was sympathetic to the plight of blacks in America.
·       The Kennedys and Marilyn Monroe were over the top [I remember being embarrassed watching Marilyn sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ and wondering why].
·       Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA throne in the side of the FBI. The killing of both he and JFK was the classic ‘killing two birds with one stone.’

Amazingly the lie and cover up are still being sold as gospel. The Warren Commission Report should be filed in the library as fiction.

As has been reported here, “All that you can say about politics has already been said about hemorrhoids.” – Unknown Comment

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