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Temecula, CA – Recently I posted a story about an opinion I had called, ‘The Weed of Ego…’. After it was posted I realized that I was acting an activist and not a reporter. In the interest of being fair and balanced, I decided to investigate this second initiative more fully. After the jump, I have three links a very cordial gentleman named Dave Hodges sent me for my query about his motivation and organization.

From what I have seen, the pot scene is like this. First you have stoners. These people like to get stoned, or get stoned and party, or occasionally smoke weed. These are the people courted by Prop 19, the last Cali prop to make weed legal for stoners. It narrowly lost. Non-stoners or ex-stoners were also courted here.
The next market demo that you have in pot circles is the medical marijuana crowd. These people are the activists and the people who voted down Prop 19. They do the homework and are the grassroots of the movement.
There is a third designation that splits the demo down the middle in California, and that is North and South. It would appear that Dave Hodges lives in northern California. My communication continues as this story develops.

And now, my 3 links to Dave Hodges, the MCLR Act, and his organizations:

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