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Temecula, CA – As the blurb on the rear cover of Memoirs says, ‘Today the world, including life in the United States, is in total turmoil.’ The same can be said for the cannabis/marijuana culture community. Beyond the usual ego trips that are part of any grassroots cause journey, beyond the meddling from outside conflicting interests, and past the confusion reigning in the market demo most affected, you have a plant not understood by a system now being championed by a group of young women from a system not found since the time of temple women. Then they were a strange breed of women who helped maintain Man’s metaphysical wellbeing on journeys before the rise of Male/one God religions. 

As has been noted here in stories past, the 420Nurses as a group seem to be a callback to ‘temple women’ both in dedication [‘One Love’/Mary Jane] and intent [marijuana medication]. This dedication was recently observed in Colorado by NBC’s Dateline news crew, sent there to cover the first legal pot dab bowl contest. Enamored by the sudden social awareness of legal recreational pot [sales], the camera crew was equally spellbound by the 420Nurses group.   

However, with the latest from the 420Nurses being the start of a news network, perhaps the girls were impressed with Dateline. Here’s the latest.   

Although not open to the public just yet, has softly opened to allow content to be uploaded so all format bugs can be worked out. The site mantra seems to be ‘if it weeds, it leads’ as all stories will have a cannabis slant or angle to them. The motive is to straighten out all the conflicting views from so many differing viewpoints, now that everyone but Hogan’s Goat is voicing a ‘how to’ over the green gold rush. The group at the center of the pot debate by virtue of their health aspect and national impact is of course, the 420Nurses. Being patients and among patients, they have not forgotten the patients.

The group, featured here in various story posts, seems to have the certain magic for cleaving through the bullshit put out by various factions. Perhaps the karma of being a chain is helpful, as the Denver/Dateline adventure proved to be. You see, a call to the Denver Dab Fest organizer revealed a promotional understaffed event. Several Nurses, including CEO ChaCha, hopped into the Nursemobile to tool off to Denver via the 12 hour trek at 2AM in the morning. That’s dedication and why this group has also spawned a movement.

That organizational motivation electrified NBC but it was the group’s compartmentalized trade show skills that sealed the deal as the 420Nurses worked like an army to enhance each attendee’s experience at the show by being both helpful and knowledgeable. Ever forward thinking, the group decided to launch their own news platform to keep medical users up to date on the ever changing legal, tech, and scientific landscape of the cannabis community from said community.
On the technical end, the IT company who reps the group’s original site also has designed the news platform for easy loading onto Apple devices. The name of the company can’t be revealed here because of pending litigation over name/logo infringement issues currently going on. However, that status has no bearing on the development of the news site. At present a program to build up Nurse Newshounds [writers] for the site is being rolled out also. Meanwhile the name branding of 420Nurses continues to spread like oil upon the water as the movement as the only group of sexy high class young women cannabis associates around to offer fellowship and acceptance as part of the membership.

Having a whole site dedicated to ‘pot news’ may seem rather limited in scope at first, but ponder this for a minute. If you were stranded on an island and had access to technology that could make anything from ingredients you added to it, the only plant you would ever need for everything is the cannabis plant. It would be your food, clothing, build your shelter, and be the dowry for gaining a honey to rule with you on your tropical paradise. Ingesting cannabis would also provide you with inspiration for your spiritual growth as your mind spaced off on a ‘What’s it all about, Alfie’ mind trip.
The connection of cannabis to health including all modern ailments such as autism, ADHD, and ADD, among others, plus the link to either preventing or curing such takedowns as cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and glaucoma, the coverage of almost any disease can be linked to cannabis either by comment or direct study query.

Socially, pot can be found to be at the nexus of many a voiced trend, from Miley Cyrus to Tommy Chong, blurring the lines between what is acceptable, what is expected, and what is ‘free will’ uncoerced by government sanction or religious decree. At a time when everybody but Ol’ Blue seems to think their opinion should outline what someone else does privately so they can make a dime off the transaction, having a collective patient group bent on the betterment and freedom of something God-given [Gen 1:29, 30] before Man was even made, appears to be a match lit in Heaven by the Woman of Rev. 12, [for the detailed identity explanation, read Chapter 20].

Puff, puff, and pass the word. is coming!! Look for the roll info right here, this is a continuing story.  

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