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Temecula, CA – As I read about the new committees formed by the Temecula city councilman who as
a Perris businessman lives here in a big house, slain musician Larry Robinson, killed yards from City Hall last year seems to be a passing footnote now. Sad, and then I remembered that life in the Temecula area is lived in a bubble like that boy played by John Travolta.

After being warned not to push the envelope or risk being ostracized by Google + as NSFW, the still trending Top Ten news story, Sugarcoating the Bare Essentials, a piece about freedom under existing NYC law codes for all women, seems to have gotten some male knickers in a bunch.

So in thanking that east coast group of outdoor pulp fiction readers with helping this news blog grow up, we would like to continue with the next installment and become this area’s only GROWN UP news by reporting about Free The Nipple, a new movie that may be coming to LA to challenge the violent [the new '300' & 3 Days To Kill, etc.] status quo of Hollywood, after the jump.

Here’s what Huffington Post, an almost grown-up news source had to say:

The back story to the movie:

The movie trailer:

Remember Sports Fans, we all know certain ills are bad, like inflammation and what it does to your body, but a grown-up will tell you who did this to you. Go elsewhere to find a handsome liposuction doctor but look to a grown-up to reveal that Coke/Pepsi high fructose corn syrup put that lifetime on your hips causing your spouse to stray. You can read stories like Dormer, the LA renegade cop/cop killer anywhere but grown-up news will reveal that domestic drones were used in his track down, something bragged about in The Guardian by SBSD sheriffs.
A kid will tell you that Johnny got caught stealing an apple from the corner store, but a grown-up will tell that the butcher at that store is known to put his thumb on the scale when weighing meat for Johnny’s widowed mom and four kids cause Johnny’s mom don’t see so well.

President Eisenhower said, "The most dangerous weapons of any Tyrant are not weapons and guns, but censorship."
TEMECULA CALENDAR – the area’s Grown-up News for Grown-ups in 2014, and beyond…

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