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Temecula, CA – Hello Sports Fans, I’m back. 

This ‘forced vacation’ was a blessing in disguise as there were some wizardly things to attend
to in that downtime I would not have noticed, possibly. The office computer developed problems right after that last story, News Views Nurses… and the replacement part which should have come from California, instead wound up being ordered from the east. Of course the east got hammered and shutdown for two weeks. Somewhere in that Lemony Snicket unfortunate turn of events a month slipped by and I stepped outside of current affairs. So we got some 'plainin’ to do, Lucy.

First off besides the 3.8 earthquake felt the other night and the playoffs – an up-to-date Fugitive Commissioner sports report will post later today – my favorite girl group, the 420Nurses, have released a 2014 pinup calendar foldout courtesy of Ruben’s excellent MMJ monthly tabloid size magazine, LA JEMM, pictured at right.

News of the next Label GMOs attention-getter is the Running The Country promotion by Alaskan Brett Wilcox, who is running the country, or across it, by way of Route 66, retracing the steps/tire marks of Buzz and Todd who made the legendary highway known to my generation. Doing an 18-mile stretch a day, the event is set to kick off in Orange County this weekend. The event course will bring the run through Temecula. Be sure and wave as Brett runs through it like a river.
BTW, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and your other household favorite foods managed to once again pull victory from the jaws of defeat through dim-witted/lazy voters and boughten* politicians of Washington State. A follow-up story here will provide links.

The model pictured on the left is one you may recognize as a woman in the opening calendar story picture. Her name is ChaCha Va Voom and she is the ‘head’ head nurse of the group 420Nurses, a growing international movement as you read this. She is holding a Cavi Cone, a medical marijuana product I recently was given to try at a hosted event in LA. Part of being a 420Nurses model is endorsing products with positive reviews while enhancing the brand name with your beauty and style.
Not just another pretty face, ChaCha and company have launched a news site. More on this developing story as details become known to this reporter. You could say I’m looking into it, heh, heh (Bender laugh)

In 2013, I ran a story about a 10” mummified alien found in South America, Peru perhaps, that had been discovered ten years earlier. The story caught my eye for the obvious reasons. At the time I caught up with it, the alien was set to undergo DNA tests since the field of science had advanced enough for them to penetrate something so alien. My story showed several photos of the 5-6 year old [the experts] buried creature. The following DNA tests revealed the creature to have human DNA. Then that story was quickly buried and not given any traction. Why? See the upcoming story examining these implications, Your Mama Don’t Dance And Your Dad Can’t Rock ‘n’ Roll.

And lastly, as work in recording my Magnus opus about pot and pop culture [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane GreenAmazon books] continues at Strike Twelve studios here in T-town, I am proud to announce that work has begun on the sequel edition, titled Babes In Boyland. This time however, I am not waiting till the end of the story before I write it. Babes In Boyland will be a serialized audio book event with chapters released as soon as they can be transcribed onto audio, converted, and uploaded to the web. Details about this radical new publishing end product for commuters will be forthcoming very soon as news permits. 

Yes Sports Fans, I’m back, and I missed you. 

(*- Iowan term meaning bought in a store)

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