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Temecula, CA – Reading the articles here about different political causes, you might believe that I live
next door to a progressive coffee shop or on a college campus. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I live in the real world just like you do. In fact I live in a bubble called Temecula which is why I leave town to protest or have cause friends out-of-town. Take the conversation this morning around the old water cooler.

A woman was gushing about last night’s State of the Union address given by the very charismatic orator who is now our country’s president.

Dividing this ‘melting pot’ country more than John Hanson [our real first ‘black’ president, see the back of the most recent design issue on a $2 bill, or read past stories here since 2008, if available still], the desired spilt was premeditated and desired to move forward the TPP, started before Obama’s presidency and conceived before he was. Three months into George Dubya’s term started I signed into the club with the motto, “If their lips are moving…”

Having blown a false smoke ring of hope with ‘marijuana is safer than alcohol…’, the memo about the two Super Bowl team states and their legalization of pot, the old Kansas City Shuffle, a sleight-of-hand trick to fool a mark. Last night before a dazzled racially intimidated or racially motivated TV audience Obama poured out kool-aid and said it was his heart. 

After the jump some videos, links, and what you can do, unless you are for the selling out of this country’s workers, past and future. If that’s the case, don’t make the jump and go back to sleep. Dream of Matlock.
First the Russians

Some Americans

The latest leak from WikiLeaks and why this TPP and TPA story is trending from the east coast to Roscoe's Chicken Shack where Barack is snacking in LA to protests of pots and pans tonight.

What you can do.

Follow this link TOMORROW, Wednesday, January 29, and any day after that, to make calls to your legislators.
It is SUPER EASY and takes about 3 minutes to call two Senators and your Representative. The tool dials for you and there is a one paragraph script on the screen you can read, or you can personalize when you speak to add whatever you want.
I just tested it and it's fun! You enter your number on the screen and the dialer calls you. You punch in your zip code, and it connects you, one by one (no need to hang up) to each of your Senators, followed by your member of Congress. Be sure to listen to the options once you're connected, to make sure you reach the DC Offices of your legislators - that's where they keep records of how many calls come in on an issue.  
Note: if your Rep is a member of the GOP, you may want to add a line about this legislation giving "too much power to President Obama" and leave out the reference to the environment. If you know where your rep stands on other issues, feel free to add that.
For example: Darrell Issa is GOP - so I urged him not to give power to Obama. He also opposes SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act). Language leaked from the Intellectual Property Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement is virtually IDENTICAL to SOPA, so I mentioned this too. 
and one more vid for extra credit:

and extra, extra credit.

Read article 5 things you can do this week to stop the TPP:

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