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Temecula, CA – Building up to the Super Bowl is the usual heightened controversy which seems to happen every year. I love the Super Bowl, and I don’t watch sports. This year however, the bone of

contention is a player’s after game, seemingly off-point interview on camera. The player’s name is Richard Sherman, and he hails from So Cali just up the road in another city called Compton. The ‘straight-outta’ place of Los Angeles. 

Watching the game and the interview, since Sherman (Seahawks) had just made the game defining end play, I was surprised to hear the taunts made to/about the player bested in the play. But rather than a quick judgment, you could tell there was some past resentment between the two that wasn’t team competition. 

With 60 million watching the incident, the outburst has grown beyond the person to the core level of being yourself. Coming from an extended family containing a college professor (Santa Barbara), a VP for General Motors (Detroit), and a judge helping to decide Detroit’s bankruptcy, I can relate to being yourself and how that can get you into trouble. And I didn’t come from Compton.

The first quote comes from our own Fugitive Commissioner who dodged the gambling police to deliver this.  ‘Johnny Unitas was the ultimate competitor, as this anecdote by Bubba Smith affectionately exemplifies:

“A guy broke through the line, hit him [Unitas], and pushed his head in the ground. He called the same play, let the guy come through and broke his nose with the football. I said, That's my hero!”’

This link will take you to another sports opinion about Richard Sherman and this video below with the man who graduated Stanford with a 4.0 and is now working on his Masters is for your viewing education. But in the end, one commenter sums up what we knew at Occupy LA.

“They headed straight for Sherman the second the game ended because they know he's a very emotional player who just made what may go down as the defining play of a stellar career and they KNEW they were going to get a high-voltage interview. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and got the response they wanted. Sherman had a boring day up til that play because Kaepernick never threw his way.”

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