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We’re all dreamers, and let’s face it, from the time that we were able to remember our dreams we have
looked up into the heavens and pondered, where does this come from? This eternal forever, those star lights, these vibratory patterns of bliss and wonderment. What’s it all about, Alfie, and who is creating it?

Mark [Dr. Dream] Peebler speaks about waking up, about rising to unravel your passions and live your greatest truths. It is literally ingrained in your cellular memory to believe that you can do anything. And though that could explain the reverse reality given last night about Obama’s TPP (see this story), Dr. Dream is coming to town to awaken individuals, not lull them to sleep with false hope, carrots, bravado, and media manipulation, along with Ike’s great-granddaughter.

For those who don’t remember ‘I Like Ike’, he is the President who warned people of the Military Industrial Complex on live TV, only to have that portion of his speech edited out when cast into stone for the UN two weeks later. Wonder who could be that powerful? Hope you were watching last night’s State of the Union, Sherlock.

“We’ll share our stories, our gifts with each other and we will serve the highest good of our experience in that moment” says Dr. Dream, an advocate of connective healing, community togetherness and power sharing. Devoted to his beautiful partner Lady Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, a brilliantly beautiful global alchemist, Dr. Dream shares a beautiful life with their blended family in California, and travels the globe as a facilitator of globalized harmony, awareness, unity and love.

Fueled by his own personal journey of bold decisions, hitting personal bottoms (as we all do), climbing back to the top, questioning everything, sensing the answers within himself, and most importantly, being honest in asking and answering questions like, what is my true purpose here, and what will it take to live that dream? Dr. Dreams invokes the dreams of the dreamer to re-awaken within you.

Perhaps you light a candle with a pleasant scent. Or maybe you dab a little incense on your wrist and rub them together. Pulling them close to your soft skin, you press these wrists against the tip of your nose and you inhale, 6 times, the number of love’s fullness. Maybe you just sit back, close your eyes and sit hearing only your breath, but alas, you allow yourself this pleasure of connection, and time, and opening. Open to the pathway of your soul, reach out and connect, and see what Dr. Dream can do for you.

Dr. DREAM & Laura Magdalene Eisenhower will both be presenting. Here's what to expect.

Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM combine their areas of expertise to facilitate a transformative healing session that affects all aspects of an individual's being. Through the use of astrology and tarot, they are able to identify archetypal imprints and ancestral patterns that are getting in the way of a person's ultimate well-being, inner Sacred Union, and their divine blueprint.

Incorporating a wide array of tools and healing modalities into the experience allows the individual, within this sacred space, to open up to a more expansive experience of their own True Nature. Integrating sound and vibration, along with other traditional and modern technologies, the catalyst for energies is released and moved during the session. A re-balancing and energetic tune-up takes place within, allowing the spirit and body to fully ground itself to come into alignment.

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With special guest, Damien Rose, at the LIVING YOGA CENTER, 28544 Front Street, suite 300, Old Town Temecula, Friday, January 31, 7-10PM. Flyer poster is below:

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