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Temecula, CA – Awakening to the possible high temperature of today’s Super Bowl being played in New Jersey, the lyrics to an old 70s song keeps floating through my mind:

“I've just closed my eyes again, climbed aboard the dream weaver train, Driver take away my worries of today, and leave tomorrow behind.”

Last Friday night the Dream Weaver train made its 106th stop. The third floor of The Edge became the station and the woman pictured at the right was our conductor.

Andrea secured our Living Yoga session atop the popular Old Town Temecula restaurant/venue that blends modern architecture with the rustic features of touristy Front Street. She is the basic Hatha instructor at the Living Yoga Center. The tip for this event adventure came from Helene Berk, R.D. who also produces a weekly radio show.

Having talked to Mark Peebler, Dr. Dream as he is known professionally, I found the voice on the other end of the line to be friendly, have a soothing aspect to it, and genuine. When his story about the upcoming yoga event hit the Top Ten Calendar chart like a bullet, stopping just below the girls and Bipsy, I could feel the buzz coming. A strong quiet anticipation developed not unlike the feeling I sensed in the earlier days of the current 420Nurses adventure. Finding out that President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter Laura was part and is a named alchemist, replaced the voyeurism factor associated with the Nurses story.

Walking into the room after my initial greeting with Leslie Sommers, I witnessed my very first yoga session atmosphere and reverence. The subdued tone reminded one of a temple with none of the ornate icons usually present, just simple richness in décor, perfect for the Temecula setting. Atop the many mats that were outstretched were women, mostly between the age of 20-something to middle 50s, I’m guessing, with just a few men, all husbands, it seemed, in tow. The room audience carried a more cerebral ambience and was decidedly more attractive than ones viewed at The Vagina Monologues staged locally years ago. As a gonzo reporter, you notice this kind of stuff.

The pictures used in my event promo story portrayed a man looking very cool and Orange County in a dynamic action pose. The couple shot, another shot for the story showed something different and I decided to run that two-some pose instead for the lead-in. There was something about the two-shot that radiated outward. By the end of the night, a song I haven’t thought of and made thirty years before the current city council members started their political careers here, was echoing through my mind like a locomotive’s horn in a tunnel. I had boarded the Dream Weaver train.

“Fly me high through the starry skies, maybe to an astral plane, cross the highways of fantasy, help me to forget today’s pain.”

Arriving with my usual ‘new in town, Sailor’ reckoning, I was shown where I could secure a blanket
and take part, if I choose to, which was a no-brainer. By then I had listened to the introduction and structure of the session, along with the back story of the pictured couple. That part is below the session description.

Lying on my back, I was instructed to first breath deep, relax. That was easier said than done since my mind was avidly trying to carbon copy the evening’s ambiance. But I did feel a certain dividing of my mind from my body, but not out of my body. It was more a separation inside the same space. The gong and other ‘liquid bells’ that Damien Rose rang during the session enhanced the aroma, which was named ‘rose’, a name very dear to me. To start the session we had rubbed some rose oil on our wrists and followed a simple ritual to begin in the now scented personal area.

But it was the sound and sound logic of the voices, soothing, penetrating, directing, working in unison that worked to relax you enough to ‘let go’. The Burl Ives look-alike on the mat next to me let go enough to start snoring, as did one or two others. This happens in a magical setting because the information being delivered is not meant for all ears. The information, you could say, picks out who hears it, but that’s as esoteric as I’m going to get here. This report is from notes, not adrenalin.

“Ooh dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the night, ooh dream weaver,
I believe we can reach the morning light.”

Toward the end of the timeless session, Dr. Dream instructed everyone to be prepared for a spritzing from him utilizing this mix of special rose treated water. This was applied to our faces mostly. After that things wrapped up and a social meet and greet commenced. 

Aftermath – for those who read the more personal session version written just a few hours after the yoga event, I can say that I felt energized in a vital way. That’s why the story appeared so quickly. There was no way for my mind to read my notes but there was no frigging way I was going to sleep anytime soon. I had to write what I felt. Today, two days later, I can still feel the effects. I am more focused, more creative, have more energy and more drive. 

Though I haven’t quite figured out how, this is the second step toward improving my remaining years on this planet. For the first and possibly smallest step after awakening from the nightmare of life can be found in the forthcoming story, Take The Short Line To Cleaner Better Health, coming soon.

Back story – “I was 45 years old and had a radio show when I first met Laura almost 3½ years ago,”
begins Mark when talking of the love of his life, explaining the radiance I felt from the couple shot. In those days Mark was promoting Inner Divines to his listeners, a concept of how we relate to reality. Laura was his 6 month interviewee.

“I picked up on the passion for her mission and her compassion for the planet.” Mark then correctly sensed that a ‘little fine tuning could’ bring his dream into sharp focus. Shortly thereafter the mother of twin teenagers entered into a sacred union partnership with Dr. Dream. Together they explain reality.

Laura Eisenhower is the latest ‘grandson/daughter’ type descendant to cross my path. A recent reader, late of the Foreign Service, is the grandson of the Philippines’ first prez. Coming from a family mentioned by name in two published books of history, I can relate to the shadow life in being on the stage but not in the original spotlight. You develop a world view, even locally, that people outside of that life have no clue of. 

Laura Eisenhower is blood related to Dwight D. Eisenhower, a general so popular he had Nixon as his Vice Prez and got away with it. He was also honest enough, read smart, to warn people of the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell speech in office, on live TV. Clips of this historical moment are still available on YouTube.

“I was a very sensitive kid and didn’t resonate with government. I don’t think I ever voted.”

“I felt buried alive as a kid,” she reminisced about the life in the shadows of fame. “We were not trust fund kids. I got second-hand clothes,” which in my family were called ‘hand-me-downs’ although I never rarely got any being the oldest. 

Inside a family structure such as this, you have two choices, the suit or your sense, common sense. A spiritual and anthropological path opened and today Laura enlightens people on how to clear ancestral patterns [this avoids repeating them and is expressed in learning from history. Works for people too]. 

Being sensitive and being female, she feels the imbalance of male and female energy, another theme explored here artistically and politically in recent stories. As such she talked of discovering the still hidden ‘dark’ or Lilith energy, gaining both knowledge and power from it. Libidinal is actually only the male equivalent. Simply put, the realization of this level of being unlocks the ‘be all you can be’ side of an individual like a metaphysical Army ad.  The genderless word ‘individual’ indicates this knowledge also frees up the male mentality.

Between the dream team, they move you to understand how the ego is a tripping point and moving past it can bring order into your life, without a minister or church lifeline, which isn’t for everyone. I could reveal more of what is presented but like they say in Hollywood, “Gotta save something for the sequel, Rocky.”

This latest story which happened in Temecula began when a woman named Barbara drove round trip for over four hours to have an hour and a half session with Dr. Dream and Laura Eisenhower, an alchemist. That experience led two other women to help bring the Dream Team to T-town. Like Macbeth, these 3 women started an incredible adventure and one foretold of Temecula in a 1976 hit song. 

“Though the dawn may be coming soon, there still may be some time, fly me away to the bright side of the moon, and meet me on the other side.” – Dream Weaver lyrics by Gary Wright.
(Numbers highlighted are for numerological people only and this is positively the last time I will mention anything esoteric, honest – Ed)

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