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Temecula, CA – Today 98% of the U.S. citizens don’t know that their government is trying to kill them (see Chapter 20, Memoirs, available on The thick 2010 Presidential Report On Cancer says the same thing in Obamaspeak by telling its readers they can’t count on the FDA or any government taxpayer agency to look out for them. You must look out for your own health. The same report also states that 95% of ALL cancers are caused by the environment, not because of what’s in your 501s.

To someone who is thinking of winning this battle against the planet by people over profit, the situation is grim. Like being locked inside a house with no way out as your family tries to kill you. It may be a big house but, being family, they know all about you, your habits, your likes, your emotions, even your crawlspaces. The picture isn’t much different than the fantasy portrayed in the original Star Wars before Ja Ja Binks joined the cast. In other works labeled as fiction by some, another bunch of runts won the day against someone who could kill a packed bar on Saturday night. His name was Goliath and that’s all’s left, his name in the historical record.

While those stories illustrate Divine Intervention and mysticism, something foreign to most people and therefore more reason to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a ‘what’s the use’ way, art is trying to snap people into action. Check out these words from a track off Zebrahead’s latest CD Call Your Friends. ‘Murder On The Airwaves’ – “wake up, don’t blow it. They’re gonna eat you alive, you know it.”

Last night I watched Dr. Dream awaken a group of yoga attendees, each on their own path of enlightenment to ascend past this current darkness (see forthcoming article Boarding The Dream Weaver Train). Various articles posted here have to do with different causes I attend and the leaders I meet there. They are all trying to spread to word to wake up. Now comes the food chain end product company that has led the way past Mickey Dees and Carl ‘put your face in it’ Jr. for years, Chipotle has a ‘Dallas’ style new show set for Hulu, Feb 17. A preview clip is below:

Collectively you could put all these sources of education down as activists in one form or another, and that’s all good, as Christopher Walken would say. But more than just activists were at Occupy Los Angeles and other Occupy sites. The press negatively painted these sorts of ne’er-do-wells as anarchists and revolutionaries. With a Principal Skinner tap on the nose, the commercial press was dissing because these people operate on the same playing field as Monsanto, Dow, and GE, on the offense level. For more on this type of person, please read The Man Who Would Be Thursday, a book introduced to me by one of the DBS* boys.

Before last week happened, I had planned a different story for the main title, but that all changed hearing the unconfirmed story I was told last night following hearing and seeing the Dream Team. As my ride home, who knew about ‘fake snow’ [though I didn’t ask whether or not she believed it] replied when told of the soon to be FDA approved GMO Arctic Apple that doesn’t turn brown, she said,

“It’s already here. I had one. Took pictures of it. It never turned brown and it had no taste. Yuccch” 

As I anxiously await pictures and confirmation of the apple that can take a bite out of you being rubberstamped by our plutocracy, here is what was suggested by the OLA ne’er-do-well who suggested Occupy San Diego’s theme song.

“Cut a little sliver from any apple in your house before you eat one. Give that spot at least 15 minutes to turn brown. If it doesn’t, it isn’t safe to eat. If it doesn’t or does, try two more in the same lot, the same brand. If they are GMOd, give one to your favorite local politician. Or as you said, ‘give an apple to the teacher who flunked you.’ Nice title.”

When I questioned the health ethic morality for what she proposed, my friend answered, “You’re not gonna kill ‘em, Monsanto and the FDA said so. You’re just making them the lab rat instead of you.”
And your kids. To flex your activist voice go here. To give an apple to your least favorite lab rat, go to Albertsons or Ralphs, my local yoga ride home told me.

(*- Drive By Stoners, one of the many colorful aspects to this valley)

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