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Hello Football Fans,

Attached is a late edition that may give you a few discussion items during your Super Bowl
party tomorrow.

Included are a few of the strange proposition bets you can make on the game.

Maybe you will be able to use some of this information during your Super Bowl party tomorrow.


The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL


The Senior Bowl was played in Mobile, AL last Saturday.  Many of the big names for the 2014 NFL Draft were not participating.  The weather was not considered great, but at least it was 54 degrees and clear with 8 mph winds at the start of the game.

The NFL Pro Bowl was played in Honolulu, HI last Sunday.  The weather was not considered great, but it was 72 degrees and cloudy and drizzly, 9 mph winds.  The game itself was decent this year; the teams actually played with some intensity.  One reason may have been because of the new format, where teams were chosen playground style.  NFL teammates played against each other, and there were several nasty hits in that regard:
Kansas City LB Derrick Johnson just crushed his Chiefs’ teammate, RB Jamaal Charles as he was running through the line of scrimmage
Cleveland safety T.J. Ward upended his Browns’ teammate, WR Josh Gordon on a tackle that caused Gordon to do a complete “360” flip in the air
Carolina FB Mike Tolbert ran through the line and bowled over his Panthers’ teammate, MLB Luke Kuechly.

Weather for Super Bowl in East Rutherford, NJ (about 10 miles outside of New York City): expected to be “great” at game time at 40 degrees and 10% chance of precipitation and 10 mph winds.  Do you see the inconsistency here?

If the Super Bowl would be held in a warm weather city, the weather would not be the major concern.  Who takes the brunt of the decision to have the game played outdoors in the cold?  The fans, of course.  I’d rather be sitting in my man cave watching the game on TV than sitting in the stands contending with those conditions.  And the Super Bowl was struggling to sell all of the available tickets for the game as of Friday.


All of the NFL teams have their head coaches in place for the 2014 season.

MIA Dolphins have hired Dennis Hickey as their new GM and have given him full control of determining the roster.  He was formerly the director of player personnel for the TB Bucs.

DAL Cowboys are blazing a new path in structuring their coaching staff.  Former DC Monte Kiffin is now designated as the assistant head coach.  The new DC is Rod Marinelli, who was the Cowboys’ DL coach last year (and was formerly the CHI Bears’ DC 2010-2012 and DET Lions’ HC before that).  Former Lions’ OC Scott Linehan was hired to become the passing game coordinator and play-caller; OC Bill Callahan will not be calling the plays, but I guess he is valuable enough to keep around.
Whatever.  Dallas has finished three straight seasons at 8-8, and lack of continuity cannot help this mess.

BAL Ravens have hired Gary Kubiak as their new OC.  He had been the HC of the Houston Texans for the last 8 years.

STL Rams had hired Gregg Williams away from New Orleans after the 2011 season, but he was suspended before the start of the 2012 season because of the Bountygate scandal. In 2013 he was allowed to get back into the league and was a “consultant” for the TEN Titans.  Now the Rams have fired their “interim” DC Tim Walton to make room for the guy they wanted all along in Williams, who will finally become the DC for the Rams in 2014.  Uh, maybe not….not so fast, my friends.  Williams has most recently been accused of stealing playbooks from the opposition (1999, as Titans’ DC playing against JAX in the AFC playoffs).  Nothing will probably materialize from these accusations, but it is just one more thing for the media to talk about during this long, drawn-out two week break between playoff games.


Former USC quarterback Max Wittek will graduate this spring as a redshirt sophomore and transfer to another school for the 2014 football season (no decision yet).  The Trojans’ depth chart at QB now looks like this: Starter Cody Kessler, redshirt freshman Max Browne, and true freshman Jalen Greene.


The United States is sending its largest contingent in history to represent the country in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  230 athletes will represent the USA starting next week.


For last year’s Super Bowl, approximately $99 million was bet on the game -- just in the State of Nevada.
Roughly a decade ago (I’m told), about 5% of all bets were made on various “proposition” bets (as opposed to the normal straight bets).  Now, about 35% to 40% of all money wagered on the Super Bowl is placed on proposition bets.  You can even bet on the outcome of the “start of game” coin flip.


DENVER -2 (giving up two points, the favorite) vs. SEATTLE +2 (getting two points, the underdog).

OVER/UNDER: 48.5 (total combined points to be scored in game)
These are “straight” bets, generally meaning that as a bettor you bet $11 to get $21 back, or a net profit of $10.  This is how the “house” makes money; every time you lose a bet, you are down $11.  If you win, you are only up $10.  The house gets $1 of every $21 bet, or about 5% “juice” or “vig” on the total amounts wagered on these straight bets (assuming that the house can get 50% of bettors money on one side (Denver), and the other 50% on the opposite side (Seattle).
The betting for this game can be shown as:
DEN -2           -110  (meaning pay $110 to win $100 and receive $210 total)
SEA +2           -110  (meaning pay $110 to win $100 and receive $210 total)
This is the typical straight bet.
Total OVER 48½ points         -110
Total UNDER 48½ points      -110

But there are all kinds of other proposition bets that can be played, sometimes in other games, but mainly for the Super Bowl because it generates such a huge betting interest.
Here are some of the other bets that can be made:

Money line (bet SU instead of ATS) – who will win the game:
SEA to win     +115    (that means you bet $10 to win $11.50, receiving $21.50 for a win)
DEN to win    -140     (that means you bet $14 to win $10, receiving $24 for a win)
Note:   The Broncos are 2-4 straight up in six previous Super Bowl appearances.
The Seahawks are 0-1 straight up.

SEA -3h          +180    (Seahawks to win the game by 4 or more points)
SEA -7h          +350
SEA -10h        +500
SEA -17h        +1000  (Seahawks to win by 18 or more, win $1000 on a $100 bet)

DEN -7h         +275    (Denver to win the game by 8 or more points)
DEN -10h       +400
DEN -14h       +700    (bet $100 to win $700, receive $800 total; Broncos to win by 15+)

Total points in game:
UNDER 34h   +475
UNDER 37h   +300
OVER 55h      +240
OVER 60h      +400    (bet $100 to win $400; total points scored 61 or more)

Successful # of FG’s in the game:
OVER 3h        +105
UNDER 3h     -135

Longest FG in the game:
OVER 44h      -110
UNDER 44h   -110

Note: DEN and SEA have two excellent kickers, and combined for the regular season were good on 58 of 61 attempts (11 of 12 in the postseason), including 9 of 10 from 50+ yards, and 19 of 20 from 40-49 yards.  However, the weather will play a huge factor in this particular game (have you ever tried to kick a rock, as opposed to a football in normal weather?)

Will the game go into overtime?
YES    +600    (bet $100 to win $600)
NO      -900     (bet $900 to win $100)

Will there be a safety in the game?
YES    +550
NO      -800
Note: there has been a safety in each of the last two Super Bowls

SEA QB Russell Wilson passing yards for the game:
OVER 210h                -135
UNDER 210h             +105

DEN QB Peyton Manning passing yards for the game:
OVER 290h                -105
UNDER 290h             -125

SEA QB Russell Wilson rushing yards for the game:
OVER 32h                  -130
UNDER 32h               +100    (Even money-bet $10 to win $10)

SEA RB Marshawn Lynch rushing yards for the game
OVER 90h                  -135
UNDER 90h               +105
Note: During the 2013 season, Seattle was one of only 2 teams in the NFL to have more running plays from scrimmage than passing plays.

Following are some of the more bizarre proposition bets for the Super Bowl:

Length of national anthem:
OVER 2 min, 25 sec.              +120
UNDER 2 min, 25 sec.           -160

At least one word omitted from national anthem:
YES                +250
NO                  -400

Will the national anthem singer wear gloves?
YES                -200
NO                  +150

If gloves are worn, what color will they be?
WHITE           +125
BLACK          +150
RED                +400
OTHER           +300

Will the TV announcers say the word “marijuana” during the game?
YES                +350 to +550  (it varies based on how many joints were smoked by the persons before they set the odds……not really, dude)
NO                  -600 to -900
Note: Some people are calling this Super Bowl the “Stoner Bowl” or the “Bong Bowl” because the two teams participating in the game reside in states where marijuana is legal –Washington and Colorado.

Will power in the stadium go out during the game?
YES                +2000              That is 20/1 odds; it had been 25/1, but action on this bet
                                                forced the line downward
NO (no action allowed)
Note: it happened in last year’s Super Bowl.

Will it snow during the game?
YES                +300
NO                  -500

Who will be named the Super Bowl MVP?
Peyton MANNING                +110
Marshawn LYNCH                +375
Russell WILSON                    +375
Percy HARVIN                      +1600  (16 to 1 odds)
Richard SHERMAN              +2000
Knowshon MORENO                        +2000

Will Richard Sherman get an interception in the game?
YES                +200
NO                  -260

Will Richard Sherman get a pass interference penalty in the game?
YES                +150
NO                  -200

Will Richard Sherman get an unnecessary roughness penalty in the game?
YES                +550
NO                  -900

This goes on and on, with so many different proposition bets that it’s mind boggling.
Who will get first TD, first interception?  Who will get last TD, last FG, last interception?
Between two teammates – Denver’s TE J. Thomas and WR D. Thomas, which one will get a reception first?  Which one will get more receiving yards?  Crazy.


QUESTION #1:  Seattle’s QB Russell Wilson is the sixth quarterback in history to start in a Super Bowl in his first or second year in the league.  Can you name the other five?
HINT:  Three are still starting QB’s in the NFL.
HINT: One is retired, and will definitely be a Hall of Famer some day.
HINT: One is a Hall of Famer (1970’s)

QUESTION #2:  Denver’s head coach John Fox is only the sixth HC to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl berth.  Can you name the other five?
HINT:  Of course, these guys are all pretty well-known names.
HINT: One of them went to at least one Super Bowl in three different decades (60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
HINT: Of these six HC’s, only one has a winning record in Super Bowls at 2-1 (80’s, 90’s)
HINT: One of them is a hard luck loser, with an 0-4 record in Super Bowls (80’s, 90’s)

Colin Kaepernick
Ben Roethlisberger
Tom Brady
Kurt Warner
Dan Marino

Don Shula (2-4)          BAL Colts 1968 (L); MIA Dolphins 1971 (L), 1972 & 73 (W), 1982 (L), 1984 (L)

Dick Vermeil (1-1)      PHI Eagles 1980 (L); STL Rams 1999 (W)

Dan Reeves (0-4)        DEN Broncos 1986 & 87 & 89 (L); ATL Falcons 1998 (L)

Bill Parcels (2-1)         NY Giants 1986 & 1990 (W); NE Patriots 1996 (L)

Mike Holmgren (1-2)  GB Packers 1996 (W), 1997 (L); SEA Seahawks 2005 (L)

John Fox (0-1)             CAR Panthers 2003 (L); DEN Broncos 2013

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