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Temecula, CA – We have all sat in a darkened theatre watching the big screen as the hero or heroes, given the clues, suddenly connect all the dots and figure out what the villain is up to. Like the 1994 movie pictured at right in which two reporters uncover a train wreck that leads to the discovery of a genetically modified [GMO] milk conspiracy, so the discovery concerning the sellout of legal American stoners by our Lex Luthor, aka Monsanto, has been uncovered. 

In the movie, Peter the reporter, works at a paper, has a shady past when dealing with women, smokes [cigars], and has just published his first novel. In real life, before I dropped the full first name, the ‘P’ in PT stood for Pete. Being married 3 times to 3 very different women with the time spent in between not in a monastery, the publication release of Memoirs of Mr. Pete [Amazon] on Doomsday completes the resume. Julia Roberts was supplanted by two real life diet/health conscious women, whose names will  be referred to as Miss H and Miss C.

But this ain’t a movie. Almost daily I run into someone affected by autism [caused by the shots – talk to a mom, not an expect shill], mental problems [ADD, ADHD, Asperser’s, etc – modern ailments], drug addition to opiates, and cancer. Now Obama seeks to net up all the recreational stoners along with their loot, and turn a nice tip like a good red cap for doing it. When we practice to deceive, we deserve what we relieve. Karma!!

What we know so far in the plot. 

Monsanto and friends believe in eugenics, the utopian scheme to thin out the herd of humanity, leaving only ‘those who are fit’ to create the best people/species.

Both the modern day Georgia Guidestones (Google Earth) and Agenda 21 speak about eugenics, now updated to ‘sustainable living’, a program even the city councils of Murrieta and Temecula buy into.

There are two Supreme Court Justices presently from Monsanto. The FDA czar is from Monsanto. Mitt Romney worked for Monsanto as a consultant, and Obama has all but forgotten his campaign promise that ‘Americans deserve the right to know what’s in their food’ while Michelle talks of her organic garden and touting kids/parents to drink more fluoridated water.

The still-waiting-to-be-approved ArticApple, GMO’d through untested nanotechnology to never turn this could be due to cross-pollination as was the case with American wheat less than six months ago, give or take.
brown, have been confirmed independently to be available commercially on the market. My lawyer says I must use this disclaimer:

We all had a good laugh when the government staged a zombie apocalypse emergency alert. It was even reported in the main stream press with a smirk. 

Obama’s curious wording of "We're going to see what happens in the experiments in Colorado and Washington," President Barack Obama stated in a recent interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. So far reports from legal smokers say this new weed is making them feel like a zombie ‘because of the altitude’. Lines are reported to be out the door for the super growers who seemed to appear, well financed, from out of nowhere. 

But the real kicker is – all this was predicted on pps 308-309 in Memoirs of Mr. Pete, released almost two years ago, Doomsday 2012, witnessed by all at LA’s NORML meeting. This was the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment as the author met the 420Nurses for the first time.

Be sure and follow this still breaking story in the cross-over piece ‘Move Over Jim Dandy, It’s The 420Nurses To The Rescue’ breaking soon in the NEWS.

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