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Temecula, CA – The question of when is enough enough, has been answered in Orange County by the march requirements for the upcoming March Against Monsanto happening. 

Anarchists and revolutionaries are barred from participation, but more on this dividing, deciding factor at the end of this report.

Coming on the heels of the second confirmation that the FDA has passed GMO apples onto an unsuspecting taxpayer public appears verbatim, redacted, below:

Starbucks has a fruit and nut plate with an apple that has been cut already. I have ordered it many times (unfortunately) and one day I just put it in the refrigerator and was amazed that it never turned brown so I left it there and kept watching. That's right, never turned brown. I thought they had sprayed something on it.” – read at 7PM tonight

Backlash and blowback is starting to rumble at press time like a wave ripple. More after the jump.

Nothing gets as indignant as an Orange County conservative that realizes they have been hoodwinked. 
No righteous anger anywhere more than that from the righteous. Shortly after the defeat of Prop 37 by logically sounding but easily checkable money arguments made by Monsanto and the lobbyist group GMA, plus a check for 45 Mil to someone, I toured the aftermath. Rather than be beaten or devastated, meetings were started to educate what was still going on. At meeting after meeting I watched the lights come on and people, mostly the type I would lump as old [culture tech] come home, realizing that they had been lied to. Been lied to by the brand names they had trusted since a kid. Problem is, all those old trusted brands have been bought up by untrustworthy people. 

Flash forward. Center for Food Safety (CFS) today strongly criticized the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), after Politico revealed the lobbying group intends to carry through with legislation aimed at blocking states from mandating labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs)
Connecticut has already passed labeling legislation and Maine’s legislation only awaits the governor’s signature. Alaska has passed a bill requiring the labeling of genetically engineered fish and fish products. In 2013, 26 states introduced mandatory labeling legislation and Washington’s ballot initiative narrowly lost. 2014 looks to continue the labeling trend, with Oregon, Vermont, and numerous others, all pursuing state labeling.

The leaked GMA discussion draft reveals that the GMA bill would not only block states from pursuing mandatory GMO labeling, it would also authorize the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to define the word “natural,” which GMA has already indicated should include GMO products.

“It is clear that the Grocery Manufacturers Association will do anything in their power to keep the public from knowing what is in the food they are buying,” said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director for Center for Food Safety. “We and our allies in the food movement will work to make sure that the public’s right to know is protected and that this bill if introduced, is dead on arrival.”

In 2013, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio introduced commonsense legislation that would require federal mandatory labeling of GMOs. The Boxer-DeFazio bill would create a workable federal framework for the labeling of GMO foods, one that responsibly balances the rights of consumers to know what they are buying and feeding their families with the need from industry for a uniform national framework. Despite claiming that it supports a federal standard for labeling, the GMA has not supported the Boxer and DeFazio bills, instead focusing on preempting state action.

In a 2011 legal petition, Center for Food Safety provided FDA with a blueprint for a federal labeling of genetically engineered foods.  FDA has yet to formally respond to that petition, though the agency has received more than 1.4 million comments supporting the petition and mandatory labeling.
CFS also recently submitted a letter to FDA arguing that GE foods not be defined as “natural.”

Source: Center for Food Safety


GMO Free Orange County is a coalition of non-gmo organizations and activist groups that are working to ban and/or label bio-engineered foods (gmos) that are already entering our food supply. We will NOT stand by and watch the GMA gather top notch lawyers for participating manufacturers and food suppliers to derail our intention of creating an informed public that can exercise their right to know what is in their food.

Please Join GMO Free Orange County and supporting coalition partners like March Against Monsanto – Laguna Beach,, Moms Across America, Americans Organized for Change – Orange County and many others as we call out the GMA at their conference at the Ritz Carlton in Monarch Bay, California. What do YOU want to say to the GMA?

What Do YOU Want To Say To The GMA Contest – How it works: the public is invited to send in Dinner at the White House” (Restaurant in Anaheim) will be for the slogan that makes it on our 30 ft x 5 ft banner and used for the living beach mural. The contest will be promoted by local newspapers and online e-zines including PT Rothschild at the Temecula Calendar. Coverage about the contest and event will be backed up by at least 4 southern California radio stations and one national radio program.
ideas for slogans that will be printed on banners. We have five restaurants on board to donate dinner tickets. The grand prize of “

Email your banner slogans to
Also planned: as you see below we have a vast spread of beach to create a huge message. We want to write a huge message to the GMA in the sand with over 500 people in the background. (Similar to what the group did up north that wrote in the sand ”FUKASHIMA IS HERE”)  We want to feed these photos far and wide to our alternate media.



Why do we march?

  • Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects.
  • In the United States, the FDA, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-lead research on the long-term effects of GMO products.
  • Recently, the U.S. Congress and President collectively passed the nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” that, among other things, bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds.
  • For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and political favoritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup.
  • Monsanto’s GMO seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists have indicated they have caused colony collapse among the world’s bee population.

What are solutions we advocate?

  • Voting with your dollar by buying organic and boycotting Monsanto-owned companies that use GMOs in their products.
  • Labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make those informed decisions easier.
  • Repealing relevant provisions of the US’s “Monsanto Protection Act.”
  • Calling for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs.
  • Holding Monsanto executives and Monsanto-supporting politicians accountable through direct communication, grassroots journalism, social media, etc.
  • Continuing to inform the public about Monsanto’s secrets.
  • Taking to the streets to show the world and Monsanto that we won’t take these injustices quietly.

We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison.

If you have read thus far, you know this is the line in the sand for conservatives. If you have also read the story An Apple For The Teacher Who Flunked You the next statement means exclusion but signals success. Don’t understand? Get a commercial cigarette and empty the tobacco. Lose that and flatten the paper into a single sheet. Light an edge and watch what happens. The red line of fire represents the anarchist’s role as the match starting the fuse. It is the goal of every anarchist to be barred from the masses rising up against control and manipulation. To be excluded means your assignment is over, Mr. Phelps.

Be sure to check out How To Prepare for the March to optimize your experience. This is a family event.

Never heard of Monsanto? Want to know the scoop? Visit “Who Is Monsanto?

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