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Temecula, CA – Since it is one-thirty and I am starting this story just hours after attending an event hosted at Temecula’s Living Yoga Center, the energy level given off at the session by Dr. Dream, aka Mark Peebler, his Sacred Union partner Laura Eisenhower, the late Prez’ great-granddaughter, and their special guest, Damien Rose, must have been fantastic. 

Or it could be the spritzer I took in the face of some rose water on steroids that had a new age name.   

Of course this is Super Bowl weekend so that buzz is all around, literally. Really though, the energy I feel is the same energy that rolled over Dr. Dream the first time he laid eyes on Laura Eisenhower, picking her up for some function. I took notes because there were so many good sound bites, those won’t be used here. This story is going to be written off adrenalin.  The fact that this is the second ‘new moon’ night just puts the magical frosting on the cake, and that cake starting baking the moment I found the nickel I needed for bus fare so I wouldn’t have to pay an extra 5 cents, [70¢ as opposed to 75¢]. You see earlier I walked into the kitchen and there lay a nickel on the floor. There is never a nickel on the floor.

The bus was late and I was starting to wonder, when it finally did tool around the corner. I normally don’t sweat things too much, but this night and this assignment had a different feel to it and I did not want to miss it. The story posted on Wednesday had shot up onto the Top Ten the same day, a first, stopping just under the girls [420Nurses’ long running piece] and of course Saint Bipsy, Elizabeth Amirian. The Dream Weavers, because they are a team, even beat out the Obama story, and trust me, I fanned the flames on that one. So I was impressed.

After I got off the bus in Old Town I walked a short block trying to find an address that I could see, but there was something about the address that rang a bell. When I got to the second corner, I knew. I
was back at The Edge. I remembered having seen the Living Yoga Center signage before, when I was covering some music scene story with my fret board friends. As soon as I crossed the street, a fashionable and somewhat stately woman was standing in front of the building and I knew she could tell me what I needed to know.

“Are you connected with Dr. Dream?”

“Yes,” said the dark-haired woman without any surprise. “I will show you where it is.”

That woman turned out to be Leslie Sommers, the second of 3 women responsible for the Dream Weaver train coming to T-town. Leslie owns Caravan clothes in Fallbrook. For those who don’t remember or know, it was Johnny Blaze, the owner of Java Joz/Cuppy’s when the majority of the music scene, the political underground music scene, was in town. The place was so magical, as Johnny is a Rasta, that the ‘green room’ was never known of directly by people outside the circle of trust; musicians and their friends. The venue was so Pleasantville that I nick- named it The Mullet Room. The Chapter 20 of Memoirs prior to the published rewrite was 90% Mullet Room. Finally Murrieta City Hall prudes got enough of empty elevator farts from our gang and they issued a trumped up charge [I was on the phone with Johnny when he got served], and he moved to Fallbrook. Not more than four days ago I read a brand new comic book script and the last name of the female alter ego is Summers. I hope you are starting to see the magic here.

It’s hard to put into words just who Laura Eisenhower is, but the things in life she has experienced put
her in a special class. She and Dr. Dream must be seen and felt in person before you can understand where you fit in to what they have to say. Most of the audience was at varying stages of awareness and it was a yoga class, but for me, I find very few people, very few indeed, who know where I am because that is where they are. Laura and Mark, Dr. Dream, are two such people.

Some of my reports are hard news and some reports fall into the more esoteric, especially ones that occurred early last year. When Laura talked of exploring and accepting this ‘dark’ energy to the mostly female crowd [a full room of about 40-50 women and 7 men, with maybe one couple] I knew that she spoke of Lilith energy because of this story. She never called it out by name though. 

When Laura talked of graduating in life, especially if you make it through, it was a subject theme spoken of in accepting my latest magical adventure based on my own free will, because I had now reached the level of being sent out into, with a fully prepared and earned bagatelle down the road to your greatest adventure, what you were fated for, if you passed all the previous tests or trials as I call them.

And speaking of The Fates, Laura’s eyes lit up when I mentioned I had two encounters with them. Since she knew who they were, it was like saying the ‘secret word’ on You Bet Your Life, Groucho Marx’s old game show. She and Mark got a free signed copy of my book. They have figured out that you do bet your life and you hope you finish the race before the bet comes due. 

For you see, what they are saying is this. We are taught that if you believe a certain way or in certain people, you will gain everlasting life. Folks line up every Sunday for that speech, or every Friday, or every Saturday. What Mark and Laura are saying is, what if the unedited message really was, you are eternal but it is up to what you believe in and the way you act that answers the question of whether you get to keep that immortality. You already have it, it is up to you to lose it, and that’s the deception. No wonder people only throw stones at the Devil once a year. If they knew the real deal they would hock stones at him every day.

Think I’m kidding? I tell people that Memoirs is really two books in one. Read the first 19 chapters and then rest, because Chapter 20 is philosophy and prophecy. I showed Laura the very last paragraph in that chapter. She read it and smiled. She got it.

And now the good news. Being that in-tune, Mark and Laura picked up what I had said and say to people about this special valley. They had picked up the vibe and they haven’t even tasted the wine here, but they were impressed. You never know. I may be the next to last wizard of the valley. In the meantime, a free 15 minute session is available from the Dream Team by booking an appointment online at one of these 3 links; or this whole weekend.

If you are out-of-joint and out-of-the-ordinary, you deserve to give yourself this gift. If yoga is your thing, check the Living Yoga out for classes and schedules here.
I will apologize right now for any typos and they will be corrected once I reread this later, but it’s the Bud Bowl weekend and I am bound to wake up before the game. Make that free appointment, you will be glad you did. Also kudos goes to Barbara who discovered the Dream Team and told Leslie, and Andrea who had the Living Yoga space for this 3 hour session. Also check out Damien Rose at

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