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Temecula, CA – ‘Today the world, including life in the United States, is in total turmoil. In our current
‘Roman’ empire, the main goals are control of the earth’s resources for profit.’

These are the opening words to the second paragraph off the rear cover of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, released officially on Doomsday. Those words were written after I had gone through the long night of disinformation about the world’s most useful plant, cannabis

Though the conspiracy against cannabis started in the 13th Century with the Catholic Church in Rome as a way to squelch thoughts of freedom in occupied indigenous peoples subjugated around the globe, the role of the plant in commerce has long been a thorn to rich drinkers for centuries. Shortly after the bankers took control of this nation’s wealth through the insidious and unconstitutional Federal Reserve and then the Federal Income Tax, cannabis was marked as enemy No.1. 

And as the old joke line goes, “That’s when the fight started.”

Disinformation and stealth, a term swept back into favor by our vaulted air force might, all of which are reminiscent of that famous boardroom scene in Star Wars praising technology. Unlike Star Wars, which was/is Hollywood, the enemy in real life isn’t static like that on a script page. The disinformation, along with corruption aka the human element, started with slanging the plant’s name from cannabis [sativa] to marijuana, Spanglish for Mary Jane in English. Marijuana was outlawed and cannabis was swept under the rug so profit could be made from people being ill while their meager wealth was pick-pocketed by those who had the public trust but cowered to private funding. The long night for humanity started.

Since this whole conflict will ultimately come down to cannabis vs capitalism – and you heard it here first, Folks, unless you have read the book Memoirs – the capitalist system which  built a massive money churn machine off the ‘disappeared’ cannabis will break into pieces. Prisons, now privatized, racially intimidated ‘pat down’ demos, corrupt search and seizure stops by poor jurisdictions on out of state travelers, the idiopathic medical industry, the big Pharma complex, charities formed to circulate widow & orphan money on illnesses which cannabis cured or prevented, and the endless research ‘for a cure, all will collapse. Those who follow the beast will also be thrown into the lake of fire, or words to that effect if you are Christian and/or believe the message conveyed about such times and bad people.

Well the banks found out what happens when you cure something, like they did with polio. Donations fall through the basement and this is a capitalist system. Currency has to circulate for the rich to get richer.

You would think that after slanging the name, pushing out disinformation to the masses for five
generations, and seducing the nation from being a republic to a democracy [now a plutocracy] while doling out cycles of boom and busts with sprinkled wars for the old Kansas City Shuffle, you’d think that Mary Jane would be gathering dust and be forgotten in the cobwebs of time under the bed, meant never to be seen again. Wrong-O!

It was never the intention of The Oily to eliminate cannabis or to bury Mary Jane completely, remember the WWII films about hemp? The Oily only wanted to hide Mary Jane until a blow-up version could be made by the weird science guys that could seduce and control the user. This plot could be from some Dr. Evil comic book movie scenario except, it isn’t. reread the opening paragraph and understand that the planet’s people are the biggest resource of all.

So now we have met the cavalry and seen the set, it’s midnight onstage. We catch a glimpse of the heroine being offered cash from a black limo, just a whiff of her sweet scent drifts past our collective nose and our mind drifts off to a question. Who is this mystical spirit that was named by her enemies and molesters really?

We know she was brought here [Christian ref: Gen 1:29-30] and now following the Super Bowl that her mother is Divine Intervention. Suddenly the plot thickened!

Be sure to read the concluding segment: The Oily
at the site where organic veggie oil could be used for more than just cooking.

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