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Temecula, CA – Today the Temecula Calendar begins a four-part series explaining the cat bird seat view, the ‘gonzo view’ to our readers. Because of the complexity associated with paying homage to any thing as vile as Monsanto, this series will cross-over to NEWS.420Nurses.com for two segments [#2, #4]. Also be advised that since most things cannabis can be found in love boutiques and next to erotica in varied headshops [So Cali, anyway], photos used in those off site segments reflect that elevation away from past locations by black arts and knives. Go to those segments at your own risqué.

So what is the plan? Well this may surprise those who are now finding out about the Great Colorado GMO Pot Experiment alluded to by President Obama or maybe the release of Arctic Apples, one of which is shown here with the tipster, a registered dietician, who like the Label GMO/March Against Monsanto, believed the rules set by the government were for everybody. How were they all to know that the game is/was rigged from the start? Make the jump and find out what the bottom of the rabbit-hole looks like. Obama is just the latest picture on the wall.

Thank you for making the jump and the leap of faith, because what I am reporting is backed up by the Book of Daniel, correctly discerned in Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete, Amazon, and what will be covered here in these four reports was predicted on page 308-309, same book. Those metaphysical back stories won’t be covered here.

Sometime in the late 1880s, and even before, an idea formed and became the theory of eugenics. Simply put, this is the plan that one day only you and those like you will walk the earth. The fallacy of this plan is of course, this is God’s divine right, but there are those who would be as divine if not more, than God. If you are rich, educated, and have access to knowledge, what do you have in common with a beggar, someone poor, less fortunate, mental or criminally challenged?

In 1901 a company called Monsanto was founded. Encoded into the mantra is or was the theme of eugenics. But rich people like to make money. It is like chess but the pawns are real people, or groups of them. Rich evil people are no different save this one visualization. Evil rich people like to be standing directly behind you when you bend over to reach for the silver dollar that they glued to the sidewalk of the nudist event while collecting on that $100 bet that you’d squeal like you were in Deliverance. For them it is no fun if it doesn’t hurt.

Not to give credit where it isn’t due, the weird science guys and the rich guys were two separate
groups until a venture capitalist consultant came along who also believed in eugenics, as did his religion. It appears that this was when the connection was made.

Making things legal that kill you and outlawing the world’s most useful plant was the echelon to wiping out the required amount of people to bring about sustainable living for the fortunate few. Monsanto pesticides are tied to mass bee die-off. 

Monsanto controls basically all the GMO tentacles in the food chain, though those tentacles don’t reach all through the food chain. As in the days of Noah, awareness/education, reading the label, and choosing to act, be it protest, information relay, or simply voting with your pocketbook, the hands are on midnight and the second hand is ticking toward twelve.
Be sure to read about the most unlikely group of people to ever stand between Monsanto’s monopoly over tomorrow and you, believe it or not, in The Good.

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