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Temecula, CA – Once it was said that ‘the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray’. But we don’t live in Shakespeare’s time so let’s get more current. How about what Mike Tyson, who is still alive, had to say regarding this theme? 

“They all got a plan till they get hit!”

Obama and Monsanto have a planned experiment going on here in the United States and in Uruguay, a place who recently celebrated the government’s plan to sell pot to anyone there for a buck a gram. Suddenly the world is starting to come aboard the pot train. Monsanto and Obama couldn’t be happier. Pot smokers couldn’t be happier. What wrong with this picture?

 From The Wild Side of Chicago, a citizen journalist named Christine weighed in on August 14, 2013 with the observational report titled, Is Monsanto Ready to Enter The Medical Marijuana War?

You see, Sports Fans, if you poison the air, pollute the water, GMO corn, soybeans, pop, milk, apples, and pot, you can bring about that depopulation needed to put the population at 500,000,000, down from 7,000,000,000.

‘As legally allowed medical marijuana becomes more widespread, it is no surprise that many are realizing there is legal money to be made off of this traditionally illegal cash crop. Even Illinois has adapted medical marijuana laws, and soon it will be legal to buy weed in Chicago, [Obama’s pal Ron runs the place now] as long as you have a prescription. With so many dollar signs hanging in the air, ready to be snatched, it is no surprise to see agriculture giant Monsanto getting poised to jump into selling genetically modified marijuana as well.

Monsanto has been getting a lot of bad press recently due to the way it has dominated the food agriculture business and for playing a role in the mass death of honeybees. Monsanto is a publicly traded Missouri-based company, and is the leading provider of genetically altered seeds for US agriculture.  Monsanto was also recently named the world’s “Most Evil Corporation” by the NaturalNews website. Monsanto garnered 51% of the votes with second runner up, British Petrolium, or BP getting only 9% of votes. 

The Monsanto GMO seeds are genetically modified to produce plants that are resistant to chemical herbicides, and the most commonly known one is Round-Up. The herbicides kill all other plants, but the genetically altered plants are able to resist the herbicide and are able to be planted closer together than traditional crops allowing farmers to gain greater yields from the same amount of farmland. These seeds are known as being “Round-Up Ready,” and farmers are required to purchase new seed each season for their crops. The company has pursued litigation against small farmers in the past for growing plants from seeds that were not properly purchased. In one case, a farmer received an eight year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud against Monsanto because he saved seed from one growing season and used it the next without purchasing new seed from the company.

The genetically altered seeds are also suspected in playing a large role in the 2012 epidemic that swept through commercial bee colonies. During this epidemic, nearly 50% of the nation’s bee population was wiped out, with farmers in California being hit the hardest. It is the neonicotinoids that are bred into the seeds that are causing the bees to die after coming in contact with plants that sprouted from the genetically altered seeds.

Monsanto and the Medical Marijuana War

As the largest producer of GMO plants, moving into medical marijuana seems a logical next step for the agriculture giant. US labs already use strains of genetically modified cannabis for testing and research, and the growing demand for legally obtained medical marijuana is sure to spike in the near future. It looks like Monsanto is already ahead of the game due to their research into RNA interference.

The company is investing millions of dollars into this new technology dubbed “RNAi.” With RNAi, it is possible to manipulate everything about the plant. With medical marijuana, RNAi can be used to create larger, more potent plants effectively cornering the market and build exceeding legal demand for the plant. In Canada, this scenario is one step closer to becoming reality due to new laws that will allow large-scale growers to distribute their plants via mail order. The genetically manipulated marijuana will reach consumers sooner than thought possible due to these changes.

While Monsanto maintains that its products are safe for human consumption, it has been widely debated that this isn't truly the case. While moving into medical marijuana may be a winning move for Monsanto and Obama, it is also a strong case of “buyer beware” for the end consumers of the product,’ people who are sick of prescription drug side effects to treat environmentally caused illnesses.

Thanks to Monsanto Gold and Obama’s self-admitted experiments upon unsuspecting Americans like the ArticApples now in stores and Starbucks, stoners can really exemplify what non-stoners have said for years, “They all got a plan till they take a hit [of Monsanto Gold, that is].”

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  1. Wow... What a radical turn of events. 10 years ago people were living in fear everyday just carrying a joint around with them. Now the Fortune 500's and Government are doing everything they can to monopolize the entire market. When can we just begin to pretend this is a free country?

  2. There is a reason other counties are banning these products as fast as we can make them. Monsanto will alter the world as we know it and basically already have.

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