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Temecula, CA – When you are a political reporter and you fit right in at Occupy Los Angeles, the space you walk in is sometimes filled with libs, tea baggers, green party, and even anarchists. You go where the story is whether a bush or a wiener. Though sometimes lonely after all those characters go home, you cleave a clearer picture than those bigoted or spun in a particular direction.

The times I have defended the man against those who use the term ‘boy’ with their friends as they describe the man who is now our president and then the next day be standing at the same protest are numerous, my reporter life is crazy. Luckily I cut my eyeteeth on Richard Nixon back in the day when friend or foe, they all called President Nixon ‘Tricky Dick’.

I remember one night seeing Nixon address the nation and tell them that he was cutting out these programs, self-help neighborhood block grants that enabled blacks who had not made it, to better themselves for a year or so doing people improvement projects [PIPs] in their area. 

The mainstream press, particularly the type who has no love for minorities, held Nixon’s feet to the fire over this hand out to the poor in the black community, and finally they wore down this diplomatic gesture. So during a regular speech or address, Nixon said he was cutting the programs out. I listened and thought to myself that my clientele at the self-help storefront would be depressed when I saw them the next day.

A few minutes just after noon I pulled up in the illegal parking space at the curb right outside the front door. The beat female meter maid and I had this cat and mouse game we played concerning my Fiat two-seater ride. As long as she hadn’t started writing the ticket and I got the car going before she did, I was gold. I knew her schedule. She circled the block once every hour. 

Since the top was down, I looked around and didn’t see her. I had 45 minutes tops. I hopped out and went inside the storefront. Walking in the front door, I thought I was on a cruise ship. Bits of confetti still hung in the air. People were hugging, laughing, it was a celebration party. I blinked!! WTF.

Spotting my confusion, one of the local leaders walked over to me.

“Didn’t you hear Tricky Dick last night?” speaking the hood slang I picked up.

“Yesterday shortly before 4:30 we were sent notice that the old programs were being cut…”

“So why are you celebrating?”

“Four old programs were cut. Six new better programs took their place. Less limits and more spending ceiling. Nixon told them dumb rednecks what they wanted to hear and did what he needed to for black folks. That’s why we started calling him King Richard the First.”

I walked back out to my two-seater Fiat Spyder, barely mindful of the meter maid writing a ticket on the car illegally parked directly behind mine, or the glowering the sister meter maid was giving me. I peeled out just the same. She hated me. I loved her.

I learned how to listen to a politician that day. Nixon had said he was cutting out the programs, and ended the sentence. No reporters thought to, or wondered if there were new or replacement programs being rolled out. In 1972, I voted for the King, then left town for 'Fields of Gold (bud)' in Iowa, as I call this chapter [page 37] in the autobiography of my alter ego, Memoirs of Mr. Pete and Mary Jane Green

This talent acquired so long ago is why I don’t live in a city proper. The people get what they vote in.

One more example.

A certain Kentucky man running for governorship once ran on the promise to do away with the 2% sales tax that had folks there steamed. The buzz he created swept him into office head and shoulders ahead of any competition. Once in office he kept his promise and got rid of the 2% sales tax. He replaced it with one that was 3%. Angry voters took it out on him next election. The Kentucky sales tax however, has never dipped back to 2%. The one term governor had taken one for the team. He was taken care of in retirement.

Last Sunday, along with 2 billion other Super Bowl fans, I watched Denver get smoked like a joint. While it looked like Denver had just puffed a fat blunt in the tunnel before coming out on the field, the complexion of the game took on a ‘sucks to be you’ tone with Broadway Joe and that Monsters Inc. coat. Being a wizard [for this valley] I sensed a disturbance in the force. Why?

I put the clues together that I had. Both states, the only two states in the whole nation, had legalized pot for anyone over 21. In Colorado the smell of money had brought in several huge grow arenas. There was even talk on MSNBC of there being a Costco of weed. All the talk in areas which legalized weed, cities, was money, now crime. I remembered what ‘Deep Throat’ told Reporters Woodward and Bernstein, “Follow the money.”

Following the money in this country for me starts at the Treasury. We have a treasury president, as you can see by the changes in currency from the Captain America shield penny to the C-note. Next, who is after interstellar domination? Old Monsanto. “Saint Money”, otherwise known as Mammon

 Obama appointed Michael Taylor [Monsanto] to head the FDA and right now the whole label GMO crowd is circling the wagons to fight both the TPP and the GMA, which does not stand for Good Morning America. Trust me when I say the news that ArticApples [never turn brown, ever, ever] are already being eaten and sold to an unsuspecting public who shops Albertsons/Ralphs, and Starbucks [confirmation by two independent sources] while the government says they haven’t yet reached a decision, just shows how desperate they’ve become since the backlash to GMOs started. I said that to make them feel better about being outflanked. Or as Tricky Dick would call it, being ‘rat-fucked’.

Mixing up a witch’s brew mentally as taught me by my last wife, the ex- [but not ex-witch, wicca], silver-tongued, Mammon, and rat-fucking, then mentally stirring, the arrow pointed to something I remember Obama saying when asked about the Justice Dept/DEA memo calling back the troops. I thought it was a strange way to put something when he said it, but I found the quote online to make sure I remembered it correctly.

Then I put in a pinch of choom, for the homies. Cause no matter what goes down; you got to watch out for your homies. No one wants to be the man without a country or countrymen.

Instantly the word “experiments” popped in my head and I knew that Monsanto in some form buried deep, was behind the new legal pot being sold in Colorado. That explained everything to me, and maybe only to me. But you know, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, …

Being a wizard who has graduated Pershing Academy [US branch of Hogwarts] I knew I needed to take this breaking story to that level FOR CONFIRMATION.


“In the last few years it has been discovered that there are receptors in the brain which are made to receive THC, an active ingredient in cannabis. No one knows why or how this operates, much less the intended purpose for the connection, but Monsanto is working on the connection between the two as a way to introduce GMO THC, which will be more addictive than nicotine, to the brain of pot users gaining control forever over this final ‘fringe element’.” – taken verbatim from Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon, dropped officially on Doomsday, Christmas NORML meeting, LA.

In case you missed it – MONSANTO IS EXPERIMENTING ON LEGAL STONERS IN COLORADO, soon to be also in Washington State and who knows where else. More news about this breaking story here and at the NEWS.

Psssst! If you have a ‘man’ in those states who is black market, don’t lose him, but you didn’t read that here. late

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