Saturday, March 22, 2014



The first Chinese plane heading to Australia to join the hunt for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet landed at the wrong airport on Saturday. The Chinese IL-76 military aircraft made an unexpected stop at Perth International Airport before heading to its correct destination at RAAF Base Pearce outside Perth, where search and rescue operations for Flight MH370, which has been missing for two weeks, are now being coordinated. "They landed at Perth and then they landed here," RAAF Corporal Janine Fabre told Reuters.

"We don't know why!" 

RAAF Base Pearce, a dusty collection of runways and low-slung buildings about 21 miles north of Perth, is taking on the feel of a model United Nations as aircraft and ships - not to mention journalists - from at least six countries descend on the region.

Meanwhile Malaysia is starting to sound like TEPCO and the Japanese government about Fukushima. Family members of the missing plane can feel something is amiss and the officials refusal to allow or answer any questions simply means that they have no plausible answers. A woman who was trying to speak to journalists was hauled away by security before she could. Did she know something?

Let’s again look at the facts, and just the facts, ma’am. After yesterday’s Temecula Calendar story about ‘Tale Spin’, the flight designation letters were added back for the MSN/MSNBC news avenue though foreign feeds hadn’t been re-updated by video editors. the FLOTUS flies to China, site of where those missing techs were checked to have any Uzbek ties. Under the smokescreen of visiting pandas, someone and something else was aboard that big jet with diplomatic privilege. Following a presumed flight plan plotted on the old office globe from China to Perth, this China plane flew over vast amounts of Indian Ocean between Indonesia and the west coast of Australia. And what happens?

One latest report says a Chinese satellite has spotted some ‘possible wreckage’. 

So why stop at Perth International first, as if by mistake, underscoring the difficulties facing the increasingly complex multinational search effort?

Well you can’t have ten white [CIA] guys climb off a plane from China without some journalist saying WTF. People aren’t idiots but they are playing us all like we are. The families of those missing aren’t falling for it.

Along with that hustle, and the bustle of a bear riding Putin, we have this little tidbit from Dennis Rodman’s basketball bud. Bet they smoked some weed together, and it wasn’t Monsanto’s GMO Colorado weed either.

North Korea launched 30 short-range rockets into the sea off its east coast Saturday, South Korea said, in the latest in a series of apparent protests against ongoing U.S.-South Korean military drills.
Such short-range launches are normally seen as routine, but there have been an unusual number this year coinciding with the annual, routine war drills by Washington and Seoul that North Korea claims are invasion preparation. Analysts say the impoverished North chafes against the annual drills because it has to spend precious resources responding with its own exercises. As part of those drills, about 13,000 U.S. and South Korean forces on Thursday were to begin a series of amphibious landings.

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