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Temecula, CA – On a cold windy night for Southern California, I met Howard Vlieger., a dark-haired
no-nonsense Midwestern guy. As we shook hands, Howard said, “You have no idea of who we are fighting.”

I poo-pooed that notion since I was familiar with Monsanto from the Agent Orange days. I knew it was an evil company but what Howard was really saying to me was that I had no idea of the scope of the evil. He was right, but lately, due to the magnitude of that evil, the force has been disturbed, as they say. 

We broke the scoop being smoked around the world, the invasion of GMO pot in Colorado for legal stoners under the approval of Obama’s Monsanto experiment. As we continue to see like the X Files, the truth is out there. We present the latest report sourced by 420Nurse Laurie Canadian.

After the jump we pull back the sheets on this cover story.

‘In February 2000, Cannabis Culture (CC) met with a whistle blower from the Ministry of Health, whom wished to remain anonymous.  Cannabis Culture reported that their source provided them with leaked information including documents that described how Health Canada was in the process of testing genetically modified cannabis seed - for the purpose of choosing a prime contractor to become the possible supplier of GE pot seeds.  The documents showed that Health Canada was obtaining seeds for their trials from the University of Mississippi - which is where Monsanto produces their "standardized GE cannabis seeds".  

Cannabis Culture did point out that it is in Monsanto's best interest to patent the seeds to ensure continued profits year after year. 

The UN grouped ‘Industrial Hemp’ and ‘Cannabis Sativa/Indica’ under the same classification which then allowed the criminalization and control of these plants for almost 100 years.  It should be pointed out that Health Canada, since they began licensing the cultivation of hemp under strict regulations beginning in 1998 only allows licensed hemp farmers to use hemp seeds from an "approved cultivar".

Most recently, it was been announced that CEN Biotech, a subsidiary of the Michigan public company "Creative Edge Nutrition Inc" (OTC Pink: FITX), is the latest "pharmaceutical" Health Canada approved as a Licensed Producer under Canada's new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) - which are slated to become fully effective April 1, 2014.

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. is a "holding company" whose standard industrial classification (sic) code is 2834 - Pharmaceutical Preparations.

According to a November, 2013 edition of the Windsor Star, CEN Biotech already began construction on a 56,000 sq ft building that will be attached to an existing 26,400 sq ft facility in Lakeshore, ON, near Windsor.  The Windsor Star reported that CEN Biotech is the third firm to apply to grow medicinal marijuana in Essex County.

On October 31, 2013, Abattis Bioceuticals Corp from Vancouver, B.C. (OTC Pink: ATTBF) announced that they too submitted an application to become a licensed producer and were waiting for receipt from Health Canada.  More recently this pharmaceutical confirmed sponsoring "Cannabis Monograph" development which is now ready for shipping. According to their web-site:

"The monograph represents one of the most complete and critically reviewed monographs on cannabis in the world. Like all American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) monographs, the publication provides standards of identity, purity, analysis, and quality, as well as information on the cultivation and storage of the botanical and its preparations.

In 1941, the US governement removed cannabis from the 1942 edition of the US Pharmacopoeia and proceeded to demonized it for the next seventy years. While the DEA prosecuted and made criminals out of innocent people since that time period, the pharmaceutical companies have been working behind the scenes in an attempt to take control of cannabis under the pretense of "…it is for the safety of people". 

It is a real tragedy to learn that society has been denied of so much both in terms of the health of the environment and the health of "we the people".  

It is beyond belief to think that we have been lied to for over one hundred years for greed and profit.
Can it really be true that cannabis is the be-all to end all in medicine?

How could a plant be victimized so badly, when the truth is that the plant’s medicinal properties can cure every disease known to man?

For these answers and what is to come, read chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, the book that predicts The Great Colorado GMO Pot Experiment, and more.

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