Monday, March 17, 2014



Temecula, CA – Today we celebrate another ‘religious miracle’ in our America calendar year. It seems almost ironic when you consider today’s hypocritical government and culture that marks these events with Hallmark greetings. Today the ‘coming of the green’ means forking that green out of your wallet for a sign of the celebration such as green beer.

Amazingly the religious celebration didn’t allow bars open on that day until in the 60s. That’s the 1960s, not the 560s. Along with parades in many cities and towns, the Chicago River flowing green today, and many pinches if you are not wearing green, much money, another form of green, will be spent today. Today’s parades in some big cities however will be absent some sponsors and mayors.

In the face of today’s environment against corporate personhood, manufactured rather than naturally grown food, and money with the power of speech [legally], this cultural celebration is a reminder that some things remain above that hypocrisy, and always will. The color green today also represents something older than the named day, for green is the color of cannabis.

Interestingly enough the color blue was St. Patrick’s color as people selected colors to wear long before ‘gangs’ made it a bad thing. It is not hard to understand why the color green became the symbol since Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. Cannabis, a plant called grass, is understandably also associated with the color and the name of Green was given to Mary Jane in my book.

With the slang ‘greenbacks’ used to represent our fiat currency and the rollout of government sponsored capitalism involving cannabis, the new green gold rush expected to be made off the 142 cannabis patents may be the best laid plans scenario, since you can’t patent a natural living plant. 

If the celebratory legends of actual people like St. Valentine and St. Patrick have anything to say to today’s society, it has to be that there is a magic which lies above the chem trails, the GMOs, and the NWO. For all of us who enjoy keeping it sticky, this magic is green.


(Written while wearing my grass green D.O.R.K. band  tee shirt – Ed)

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