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Temecula, CA – Years ago I worked at K-Mart in a Cracker Jack crew that sold electronics and appliances. The youngest member, a kid we all nicknamed Mr. Bill after the claymation figure, used to
racially kid with me from time to time. We both enjoyed it as I knew he was just finding out where my head was at.

One day as we watched ABC Sports, a boxing program came on with a number of matches. As each
one went to conclusion, most were either between two black boxers or two white ones. When a contest came up that featured a white fighter and a black fighter, Mr. Bill looked at me and said, “Bet on the black guy.”

I tried to make light of his comment by saying, “But the fight hasn’t even started yet.”
“Makes no difference. If a black guy and a white guy are boxing, bet on the black guy. I always do and I haven’t lost yet.”

That was in the 80s. Flash forward to March 2014.

When you write political news you have to be about to spot the bullshit put in by the ‘official’ report. There are many reasons why all the news isn’t reported and my first brush with a sanitized news story came from hearing the two day span of news about Roswell, NM. My next brush with honesty came from the Gary Powers/U2 spy plane incident between US and Russia.

Normally this type of editing a story is called a ‘spin’. Regarding Malaysian Flight MH 370, this has to be called a tale spin and it starts with cropping the actual name of the flight which has now started to be called ‘flight 370’. The designation letters of MH have been dropped from the official name of the flight.

Next attention has been diverted from the flight data which indicated a northerly path in one report. This has happened because of two reasons, both very important. The first reason is the actual purpose for the flight abduction, the 20 Chinese techs of Freescale Semiconductor, a company with defense ties to Texas Instruments. These high-tech smart guys were all Muslim and probably from Uzbekistan which is why the Chinese government checked for ties to the Uzbeks in China. Being all Muslim and techies, you can be sure they all knew each other and probably isolated themselves in the way some groups of blacks do on a white campus because the vast majority of Chinese aren’t Muslim. In fact, Uzbeks in China are often ‘troublemakers because of their second-class citizen treatment there. 

Attention has also been deflected from American Philip Wood who is an employee of Texas Instruments. From knowing how industry moves work [I wasn’t always a writer], you have a company man along to be liaison when a major consolidation is made. The 20 Uzbek techs were being consolidated into a single location as a cost cutting move. Mr. Wood’s name, rank, and serial number have all been scrubbed from the story. Any other time a missing American would be huge news but now Mr. Wood is not even a whisper outside of Dallas. 

In the last story about now named Flight 370 featured here the map in the story showed a flight plan to Osh International Airport, a place with a long enough runway to land a 777 jet. The location fits perfectly with the allotted fuel and time range. A real airport landing would facilitate the deactivation of the last remaining transponder which was outside and underneath the plane also matching the time element as reported in the official news stories.

We also saw on that map that Osh and its military built runway close to China is in a pretty interesting neighborhood. Not only is Iran about two hours away by plane, the makeup of the entire area is Sunni. Anyone Russian is hours away to the northwest over mountainous terrain. It is also winter there so you won’t have many people gathered around outside roasting a goat. Folks are camped down and there aren’t any bright lights or big city to light up the night. As a poor area, any witnesses or supplies can be easily bought or bribed. 

An old trick is to send a woman, say your wife, to get the real lowdown and that is just what that Roscoe-loving Obama did. But as Chip says to Buck Marshall, “People aren’t idiots.” Had the FLOTUS gone to Hawaii, New Zealand, or even London, the ploy might have worked but sending the family to the place where 20 high tech geeks are just reported missing from [China] is a ‘tell’. People aren’t idiots and all people aren’t conspiracy theorists either. So what did happen? Here’s the rundown.

After taking off and diverting the plane, it was landed at Osh. The cargo, 20 techs and their boss/crew leader and all who helped in the kidnapping were then put onto another plane and flown unnoticed into Iran probably just inside the border. From there the cargo was trucked into Tehran or wherever their services are required. The black bag job was completed before noon prayers were called. The FLOTUS was sent to China because if the Calendar has this information some x-thousands of miles away, you can be sure someone closer and maybe more official than my mole also has the same information. Whether this story ever comes out is doubtful, especially when you see Obama’s statement about Fukushima. A leader fights like a bear, a parrot talks and flies away.

Putin also dropped a hint. Russians are classic chess players. So you have to ask yourself, was this caper set up during the Winter Olympics when the world was Putin’s oyster for almost two weeks? It would have been the perfect cover to meet and plan, amidst all the hoopla. By knowing what was coming, the Crimea incident would make a great Kansas City Shuffle to draw attention away while saying don’t fuck with this area of the world, Mr. President. Putin’s rethinking of his Iranian stance could be his tip of the hat at trumping both the Chinese [techs] and Americans [the cloaking technology], all thanks to what Snowden told him was really going on.

I do wish I knew where Mr. Bill is now. I’d like to see who he would bet on if there was a boxing match between Vlad and Barry, or maybe Vlad, and Barry with Biden. Just don’t put Clinton in the ring too. They don’t call him Slick Willy for nothing.

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