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Temecula, CA – Not all the news is regional [Dana Point GMA protest], national [GMO pot and Monsanto], or international [Monsanto Initiative $1 a gram pot countrywide, Uruguay]. Locally here in T-town there have been some major changes while I was out being a war correspondent. 

The biggest news is that the gazette-sized Valley News has matured and upsized into a newspaper-sized format similar to The Weekly, driveway drop in the valley here, the Orange County Minute, another weekly drop, and the Laguna News-Post. All weeklies.

A comparison of all four front page layouts reveals the Valley News to have most lead-ins, more sections hence more news and more ads, and a tie with the Minute on article layout conveyance. Like the Minute, the new Valley News section crease or fold does not split the front page headline picture, a definite plus. The stories found inside show the Valley News kept the same small town charm that has been a staple since 2000. Congraduations!!

In the music scene though area bands both original and cover continue to snap and crackle, the king who made things pop, long since put in his last show at The Vault. You can read about the next to last show here, complete with pictures.

For awhile, Ivan Promotions seemed to disappear like warm weather for the Midwest. But you know the old saying about keeping a good man down. One day recently I got a strange new email: M15

I can only guess that the ‘M’ =s music and the 15 means the I-15 because that is where the new all-ages venue is that IP promotes for. 

Directions: Start on the I-15 North and go about 40 Miles,

Take the Weirick Rd exit toward Dos Lagos Dr     
     Turn right onto Weirick Rd

          Turn right onto Temescal Canyon Rd
               Turn left onto Pulsar Ct   
                              Destination will be on the left

The M15 Concert Bar & Grill features top entertainers from all parts of the world.  These fantastic live music. Being just off the freeway makes for Temecula area convenience for Vault Alumni fans.
bands perform live to a world-class sound system which brings every note to life. With the performers being right on stage centered in the unique restaurant-stage surround, every seat in the house has a prime view.  The clear sound and wonderful views make this one of the top destinations for fans of

The ample seating is laid out differently than The Vault.

Here is a view of the room.

And lastly, an Ivan Show with poster. 

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