Monday, March 24, 2014



Temecula. CA – It is being reported that Malaysian flight MH370 crashed in the Indian Ocean just like
it was reported that a 1600 degree fire could soften SAE certified steel with walls 6 inches thick enough to make floors ‘pancake’. Horse hockey! Proof of another jack rabbit story being pulled from …, well, you get the drift.

Unless you travel outside America, you will never understand that what we are fed in this country’s news is NOT what other countries report to their people. A trip for my second honeymoon to Canada proved that to me. I never forgot.

Now all the anomalies of the story will be squeegeed into the ocean instead of swept under the rug or sealed in a report until 5000AD or some such future date like others have been. As with local Shaun Vilan, gunned down by an armed off duty motorcycle cop in Old Town, the facts remain with those involved while the official story is spun for the looky-loos.

The families were dismissed with a text [Earlier, the families of Flight 370's passengers were sent text messages by the airline telling them that the plane had been "lost and that none of those aboard have survived."] much like the way the Vilan family were dismissed by the detective at the hospital that day on 3-8-08. 

So while life will now return to normal for those here, except perhaps for Philip Wood’s girlfriend, two things will remain the same. The family members, all who walked out on the Malaysian officials, knowing they were being lied to and stalled, will remain unconvinced by this holey fabrication, having gotten different news there on the scene. This isn’t the last of what will be said about Flight MH370 for the Chinese passengers weren’t minorities aboard a Greyhound headed for Nebraska from Vegas.

And the real cargo, the Muslim Uzbek techs and their project leader, Philip Wood, are all safe and sound in Iran, possibly never to be heard from again. Their work on cloaking technology will be needed to nuke ‘the new city’ with rockets which will be ‘invisible’ to defense radar.

The one piece of truth was “attention and resources in the search for the Boeing 777 have shifted from an initial focus north of the equator to an increasingly narrowed stretch of rough sea, thousands of miles from the plane's original flight path” and for good reason.

For this reporter, all that is left to say is, R.I.P. collateral damage from 370, and that includes the two infants whose little souls return to the well.

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