Monday, March 31, 2014



Temecula, CA – With the eighth sign in Memoirs to come to pass just today, it’s time to tell people
where the bear shat in the woods. With this news report a new scene is back. It ain’t The Vault, but it is a separating of paths. As with Chapter 7, 'Start of The Magical Mystery Tour', a scene path is opening for those who want the path less traveled, those who love real music, those who aren’t jocks, those who went to The Vault, and those who were The Vault. Mentally this scene is just around the corner of your mind.

Welcome to Faze 1 – Cosplay. What is ‘cosplay’ you ask? Good question, I did!

With the growth of the underground arena of comic books, comic conventions, and fantasy art merging with blockbuster movies that are based upon those franchises, a costumed play scene, part party/part masquerade, and wrapped around rock/modern music somehow is emerging for those too modern for the usual renaissance faire. You could say this is a more mellow shadow of a Lilith Faire. 

As summer approaches sooner or later, one path is becoming two. There will be the tried and true. This will be the status quo or what you’re told. However, those of us who have known along that it wasn’t our path, a new path is opening for us. In the days when Saint Bipsy walked among us, we are being gathered to party on our side of the street, in the Spirit of Java Joz. Cosplay and Ivan are the herald again as Full Value Entertainment stirs from the ashes like a phoenix. AZ is next door, though.

Along with both those music echoes, a traffic list of a different note is being readied. Some readers Pied Piper of OLA, a mystical train rider who was on the train to LA several months ago. Turns out I bumped back into him the other night and he was with his partner, a Robin to my Batman friend with two kids, no job, living at home, and a gift to market social media-wise like a geek. Before the 1% took this country down and Cali from the 5th largest economy to the current No. 12, the hungry young man might have had a promising future in the dotcom field. 
may remember a little read article about the
Now like his generation, and normal for 47% of it, he’s fucked, frustrated, full of piss and vinegar, but living like a Muslim, culture-wise.

Trading magical repertoire with The Piper and technical data with his non-magical partner then rubbing the fir the wrong way of a square made for an interesting night. A night commenced much like the old Murrieta nights when I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, which long time readers will remember. It was one of those kinds of nights. I came away with 3 words, Occupy, radio, and rock. As The Piper rode off into the Murrieta night with skater thugs and me having bartered a signed copy of Memoirs away, the cry was heard, “Don’t forget one word.” 

Today I saw my ex-wife witch liked the dog-in-shades story on facebook. The force has been disturbed, officially. That was book prediction No.8, to be continued...

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