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Temecula, CA – Recently a new state bill was introduced into committee. With the help of a phone-in campaign the bill passed the first huddle, the Health Committee. MONDAY WE NEED 5 PHONE CALLS to the next, even more challenging committee vote - the 5-member Agriculture Committee which is set for a Tuesday morning 4/1 meeting.

The script is simple.

“Hello, I am calling in support of State Bill or SB 1381 to label GMOs.”

They will then ask your name and either what your zip code is, or what town you live in. this is done to verify that you live in the district. This is the simplest form of voting and does not require registration. This is your freedom. Lose it or use it and make the jump. 5 calls in 5 minutes. Faster than Geigo and saves your ass, not your money.

Here are the members of the Ag Committee and their contact information

Senator                                  Phone       
1.       Cathleen Galgiani                (916) 651-4005   
2.      Anthony Cannella                 (916) 651-4012     
3.      Tom Berryhill                        (916) 651-4014     
4.      Ted W. Lieu                           (916) 651-4028   
5.      Lois Wolk                              (916) 651-4003    
The only urban member is Lieu, an environmentalist Democrat in South Bay. The others are all rural and can be heavily influenced by our opposition.  Sen. Wolk voted yes this week as a member of the Health committee but she has not committed to co-sponsoring the bill. As they are agriculture, if conversational opinion is asked for, you are concerned about proven cross-contamination by GMO pollen as it affects exports. Gotcha!

This is like a race with someone jumping hurdles.  We clear them all and make it to the finish line. Thanks for being on the team!! Let's do it!

And now what happened last week:

“The unimaginable happened today- SB 1381 made it out of the Health Committee! 

I will write more tomorrow but wanted to send out this note of thanks to all who have worked so diligently and tenaciously.

First off to Jessica Denning the Sacramento Leader. It was her vision and leadership that got this whole puppy rolling. She has been a beacon of positive energy, never giving up, always there to selflessly do what needed doing and doing it beyond well. 

Diana Rude, our lobbyist, is a quiet yet powerful force in the Capitol. Her knowledge of the inner workings has been beyond valuable to moving the bill forward in our ever so beautifully effective, immeasurable, grassroots way that makes a huge impact. And to the rest of the Sac Leg Working Team...thank you, bless you!

Susan Lang from Sacramento gave an incredibly powerful speech in her testimony. Blessings to the power of inspiration and Trust in our Voice.  What a force of nature!

To the Californians For GE Food Labeling Coalition who worked together after healing our wounds from Prop 37. So proud of the team work we did to move forward after all that went on...and to overcome all that, work together and share this....great stuff.

Thanks to the Phone callers-  we made HUGE impact with all the calls.  Thanks to all of you (and there were lots of you) who got your volunteers to make calls.  All the calls in the days beforehand were definitely noticed. And today... there were a few senators that did not make the first round of votes....Cheri from Hollywood, Mary and Tarah in Santa Cruz and Diana Reeves from GMO Free USA jumped on it and got folks calling the offices to ensure that we got our Senators there.  Wow.  So amazing to feel this network we have created to unite and get the job done.

To Senator Evans for her commitment to this issue. To the work of all of you out there that got co-authors (Yamada, Levine, Delsalnier, Pavely).  To Senator Wolk who had huge cajones and voted yes, even though she represents MonsantoLand (Davis and Woodland)...and to the team in Napa for visiting Wolk yesterday, Karen Hudson for getting folks to call. 

I want to thank those who showed up today and for those who wait in the wings for future hearings.  You being there today and in the future put a face on who we are.  Senator Evans noticed that the main opposition speaker's hands were shaking.  We are getting to them.  We make a difference.

My biggest takeaway...a remembering that when we unite as One, we are beyond powerful!! It's time for us to flex those muscles.  There's work to be done, but we can do it. This is different and takes a different mindset.  I think it'll be less work overall, but work nonetheless in our tenacity to make our voices heard.  Our connections, our willingness to show up at a few crucial points will move this state to label GMOs.

I'll write more on next steps.  But for now...thanks to all of you. You make this old woman so proud and honored to be part of such an amazing group of people I have grown to love and appreciate so very, very much.

You rock!

Let's ....keep on swimming!

Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs
LabelGMOs California's Grassroots · United States

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