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San Bernardino County Sheriff candidate PAUL SCHRADER hosted a table at HempCon, a medical marijuana expo that happened in San Bernardino, last weekend from Friday, April 18 to Sunday, April 20, 2014, with personal visits by the candidate from 2pm-4pm on Saturday.

Paul Schrader, a Marine Corps veteran and current Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy, hosts Ask Your Sheriff, an internet radio show every Monday from 6pm to 7pm. On Saturday, Schrader held a special event from 2pm to 4pm at his HempCon booth where attendees quizzed him about his campaign. Questions regarding his platform on medical marijuana and other issues were answered by the candidate.

According to Schrader, “The State of California decided that marijuana is medicine when it passed Prop 215. The people of San Bernardino County deserve a Sheriff who is willing to defend their right to safe access to medicine prescribed by their doctor. It is time we stop treating patients like criminals.”

While Schrader believes that full legalization of marijuana is outside the scope of the County Sheriff, considering a policy of decriminalization is worth looking at. “The War on Drugs has failed the American people. Our prisons are overflowing, and violent offenders are being released early to make room for nonviolent offenders,” said Schrader.

Herbologist C. Va Voom

Schrader also said that encouraging the manufacturing of hemp-based textiles could help a waning economy in the county.

Catering to those who will benefit from the medical use of marijuana, HempCon included exhibits by medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, doctors, care givers, legal services, and educational services.

Paul Schrader is running for Sheriff of San Bernardino County as a Constitutional Sheriff. His campaign emphasizes cleaning up rampant corruption in the county; protecting 2nd Amendment rights; replacing DUI/license checkpoints with more effective, constitutionally sound methods; and placing cameras on deputies to reduce the public cost of lawsuits.

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