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Temecula, CA – Ranger Mole filed this report as Yogi T. Bear handed him a pic-a-nic basket and a dessert joint. 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: Could the Super volcano which has been dormant for the past 650,000 years be ready to erupt again? If you listen to some animal experts, that answer is a definitive "yes".

Recall, if you will, the tsunami in late 2006. Do you remember reports that animals were escaping and running for higher ground hours before the waves hit? This mass animal evacuation brought into light the instinct which biologists have known about for years which seems to tell animals when disaster is about to strike. (Ed note: this story originally posted on 4/3 to appear 4/9)

Fast forward to yesterday.

At Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, there is a mass animal exodus underway. Miles of buffalo can be seen running frantically from the Northwest end of the park. They are even running down roads. Elk are also evacuating at an astounding rate. Smaller animals such as rabbits and squirrels are also fleeing Yellowstone.

Watch this video taken by a park visitor and posted on youtube:

What are the animals running from?

According to one expert, Thomas Lupshu, the only possible explanation is that the seismic activity in Yellowstone which has been increasing over the past month could mean that an eruption is on the way.

This map shows the zone areas most affected by a potential eruption.

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