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Temecula, CA – As the FLOTUS could say, “My husband went to a Summit, got ridiculed in Belgium, possibly powdered his nose with the Pope with all that pomp and ceremony, then may have watched the Saudi Revue, and all I got was this, a picture of a woman in a tee shirt with a campaign promise of one from LA, next trip out to Roscoe’s. Then he appoints more fracking at all those old oil wells still pumping in Orange County [Fullerton] and south LA. What does he take me for, a voter?”

But the Calendar read Barry’s pedigree last few stories, so let’s really talk about what has steamed Bluto, aka Vlad Putin’s clams. Keep in mind, steaming clams take a long time to do it right. How long did it take? This ‘end time’ Nostradamus-predicted rife between Barry and Vlad was predicted by the television series hit The Man From Uncle

The spy series which featured input from James Bond creator, Ian Fleming who contributed to the show's concepts after being approached by the show's co-creator, Norman Felton. The book, The James Bond Films reveals that Fleming originally proposed two characters, Napoleon Solo and April Dancer (The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.). At one point, Fleming's name was to have been associated more conspicuously with the series. The series' original proposal was entitled, Ian Fleming's Solo. Robert Towne, Sherman Yellen, and Harlan Ellison wrote scripts for the series.

As words fall like bombs [Zebrahead] one can say American Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) has been revealed to be Barack Obama, a man who is as solo as an albatross, gliding high on air currents like a U2 drone from Uncle Sam, spying on his Russian partner, Illya Kurvakin.

Ironically, Russian Illya Kuryakin’s David McCallum looks as if he could be related to Vlad Putin. Everybody Loves Raymond, MASH, I Spy, etc.]. Recently Barry called the former Soviet Union a regional power. To say that to a former KGB leader who you happen to be taller than and newer on the real world scene to, is akin to a sleep-over pulling the covers over your head after he farted, then looking innocent when the ‘rents come. What a dick-wad. How crude. While you can do it, you just don’t and shouldn’t.

McCallum’s character in the series played a close second fiddle and grew more popular or as popular, which sometimes happens [

After drawing the Soviets into a war which broke the U.S.S.R. but ka-chinged the World Bank a few more nations into the cash drawer, we went in and started the world’s second most corrupt nation, ranked that according to the CIA, back to harvesting poppies, not democracy, re-enslaving a pedophilic culture of boy lovers. For ten years Russia has had the heroin epidemic that made headlines several days ago about Massachusetts. For a number of years Putin has silently fumed over this situation, and played chess. Barry plays videos and b-ball. Different mental skill sets.

The ‘missiles on my front porch’ diplomacy is the US mooning Russia while saying, ‘Oh, is my ass in your face?’ In the world, a different game is played and it isn’t based on race. Therefore you can’t play everyone like they are second class, especially when you are not in 48 Hours. By not going in and changing the guard from the Bush/Bush/Monsanto years, then trying to be liked rather than be respected, [but then a leopard* can’t change his spots], Obama seems weak and gets baboon pictures of his lady and himself. DUDE!! Plus no one actually wants to see America complete what the country started in the lead-up to WWII, the world’s money middle-man to the people who own China. 

Putin‘s no chump and comes from a neighborhood where female behavior is rawer there than here. One pictures Obama either passing out or grabbing Michelle’s hand and placing it over his own eyes in the above instance. I must note in disclaimer Putin is divorced and therefore allowed the freedom to express both his passion and his pleasure. 

Still, can you ever imagine this young boy ever getting much beyond knowing his heritage and having a similar dream to Nebuchadnezzar by also seeing the image of Capitalism, aka Money, towering over him but not understanding what it meant. Guess Barry should read Chapter 20; 4 Stars, 8 Predictions [so far], all under one Memoirs cover Amazon.

First we add  wikileaks and then Snowden, who was smart enough not to fall for the offer from a country that never honored** a single treaty to Native Americans before doling out mini-Vegas casinos. Ka-ching!! High end American shops are invading Russia and looking to open the country like an oyster. Coming was TPP and GMO pot. Snowden is smart and has common sense, he’s keeping warm this winter, getting his vodka served to him by a redhead. The last potato was when Putin himself called Obama, something a lot of people here wink 'n' nod about, and Obama says to 'have your people get in touch with my people' to him. I didn't get a call, did you?

Some people say the anti-Christ is coming but others claim Lady Liberty has whined and mined the world on everyone else's tab. Now here comes the waiter with the check. Boom! - A Clear and Present Danger

(*- Biblical reference; **- founding of the Indian motto "If Their Lips Are Moving..." Ed)

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