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Temecula, CA – A dangerous but seemingly unnoticed change is taking place. In some instances this change is expressed as news; in other cases it suddenly happens and you are left on your own to wonder, is this a case of format or freedom change? Are we just being ‘herded’ for their own good? 

Let’s look at some examples.

Locally our ‘elected’ career country supervisors said ‘they want to integrate a web-based campaign to get public safety agencies to use an all-digital radio system that went live at the beginning of the year. They then say “Considering the county’s substantial investment in this system…” – Valley News 3/28/14

Later in the same article the reason is given for spending your tax dollars to keep you further in the dark, again from the same article – ‘Scanner hobbyists are no longer able to tune in sheriff’s communications. The new system utilizes signal encryption that prevents the general public from hearing what’s being transmitted or received…’

Remember when they said ‘listen to the radio to find out what’s going on in an emergency’? Now with fracking causing earthquakes and contaminating water, GMO food and ingredients, illegal checkpoints being unannounced, and drones a’coming, it’s STFU for the status quo. And they even tell you what they plan and why. Sheer arrogance, beautiful really; in the way that pure evil is almost hypnotic to watch happening.

Nationally this latest non-transparency theme rage is being used by MSN/MSNBC who have now eliminated ALL reader comments except on the weather forecast reports, keeping it old school because everybody talks about the weather. It can be argued that the new format used by one of the majors in the news market did the change to fit their format better on the latest social media. I think we all know that is a line of shit. It remains to be seen if readers will flock to other news sites that still offer input for readers of stories.

Actually that is a good thing for the status quo because someone else could have offered the conclusion to the missing flight MH370 as the Calendar did, reached from the actual clues presented before being retracted to cover up what really happened to all those Chinese passengers. And the typos and misspelled words on the site. Reader comments were always talking about the low quality professionalism found evident in the site’s article reads. Format change took care of that. Recently at an impromptu beer party, a man boosted of being ushered through Lake Elsinore’s school system, hardly ever going to school physically. He laughed, “The teachers passed me whether I went to school or not [so I didn’t go]. I partied instead.”

I turned to the young woman standing next to me on the patio and said quietly, “That’s too bad, and he doesn’t even realize their stole his education, didn’t do their job, and still got paid for it.” I finished my beer which tasted great since it was free.

Back to the local status quo, again we turn to the newest and brightest new newspaper on the scene here. In a different article but also in the same Valley News issue comes this gem.

Learning how to fall asleep in the Valley’ is another example for the status quo, living in a bubble, local area mindset. I have to say that I love it because I cover the news for those not status quo. Reading what flies to those who live within their stalls is a way to gauge what to present for us free-range sovereign citizens who refuse to become customers from the propaganda. When you can read for content, it makes a difference. In this instance the Calendar presented ‘Will Dr. Dream Awaken Temecula?

We read it in the Bible and we saw it in The Matrix. The die has been cast. There are two groups, the ones on the broad path and the ones on the path to the narrow door. As a political reporter, it is my job to read the status quo but write for those heading for the narrow door. We are on our last pope, for Pete’s Sake. However, my metaphysical moles have tipped me that this valley is in a special marketing program, a program Dr. Quantum would appreciate. Please see the ‘double slot experiment’ on YouTube and ponder just what the animation is saying about God, aka the God Particle, being everywhere.

Once you can ‘read the offence, you can adjust your defense’ – Richard ‘You Mad, Bro’ Sherman

PS: the REWARD for information leading to Larry Robinson’s two murderers is $25,000

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