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Temecula, CA – So far this year we have seen a strange Super Bowl game played between the only states to fully legalize weed and now comes Easter on 4/20. Being in a time period prophesized by the Bible means people will see reality cross paths with the ‘hocus-pocus’ of religion. That much is seen by people like John Hagee. 

What people who haven’t read Memoirs don’t realize is, there is a third player in this final battle. There is Man against Man, Man against God, and Man against Nature [Gaia]. 

Standing outside last night watching the lunar eclipse was thrilling, and chilling. People who study eschatology or ‘end times’ are freaking out to Pastor John Hagee and his predictions concerning this tetrad, four total eclipses with a solar eclipse in the middle. There have been only three other times when four-in-a-row lunar eclipses happened in the last 500 years.  Two of the dates are fairly recent. The recent dates would be in 1948 and 1967 respectively, both important in Jewish history. 

Pastor Hagee went on to say that lunar eclipses mean a sign for the Jews and a solar eclipse means a sign for the gentiles [world]. Further proof that the tetrad is a sign for the Jews is the occurrence of each eclipse, even the solar one, on a Jewish holiday. The eclipse night before last started on Passover and the next lunar eclipse happens on Sukkot, October 8, 2014.

The mega-church leader makes two points that I agree with. The first is that we are out of time. The hands of the clock are both on midnight and the second hand has also reached 12. The lit fuse has disappeared into the dynamite tube, so to speak.

The second point is that this tetrad is a sign from God. I agree with that also. From there the grand and plumb man of God, who has studied the Bible for 54 years, is vague. He’s in a dark room, this isn’t a good sign, but what does this mean? It means, Reverend, you better feel the wall for a light switch. Or it’s lights out!

John Hagee is right, this is a sign. Let us examine this sign with anointed eyes, eyes anointed from Memoirs, Chapter 20.

Though primarily about marijuana, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, wanders into the area of capitalism by predicting what is happening right today, with cannabis becoming a major industry. 
Although you would think this is a good thing, God knows Man’s mind is bent toward evil, aka machinations. Therefore whereas once a pot industry could have flourished, the time for that has now past. With GMO pot muddying the field, the mixing of commercialism and cannabis is like mixing oil and water. They are both liquid and that’s it. The planned abomination toward nature is why I was given the words to write in Chapter 20, foretold on pages 312-313.

Furthermore you have this end of one age and the dawning of a new age, a different age coming. The use of the moon, a pagan female sign, is one both the Jews and Muslims set their calendar to, not so the Christians with the sun. The number four is also significant but the split of two and two, with a short break of time for the solar eclipse happening on Adar, 3/20/15, could signal when things turn dire. Adar is supposed to be a time of turbulence for different periods of Jewish history.

The number four signifies the world without the people or materialism, aka capitalism. As also detailed in Memoirs, this time in human history is the time dreamt of by Nebuchadnezzar, the inventor of capitalism [Daniel 2]. The last empire, the feet of the image, are about to be smote into pieces. 

Occupy was the last signpost. As we all ponder on what we saw two nights ago and what it may or may not mean, try to picture what the earth looked like from the L-shaped craft sitting in a front facing crater. Did whoever onboard wave good-bye to the first Horseman of the Apocalypse as he rode toward the earth in the shadow of a black hole ringed by the sunrise/sundown's red glow? 

'Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.'

Based on the above passage, the most common translation into English, the white rider is generally referred to as "Conquest". The name could also be construed as "Victory," per the translation found in the Jerusalem Bible (the Greek words are derived from the verb νικάω, to conquer or vanquish). He carries a bow, and wears a victor's crown.

The rider has also been called "Pestilence", particularly in pop culture.Under this interpretation, the first horseman is called Pestilence, and is associated with infectious disease and plague. It appears at least as early as 1916, when it is mentioned in the Jewish Encyclopedia. The interpretation is common in popular culture references to the Four Horsemen.

The origin of the interpretation is unclear. Some translations of the Bible mention "plague" (e.g. the NIV) or "pestilence" (e.g. the RSV) in connection with the riders in the passage following the introduction of the fourth rider; cf. "They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." (Revelation 6:7-8 NASB). However, it is a matter of debate as to whether this passage refers to the fourth rider, or to the four riders as a whole.

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, in his 1916 novel The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (filmed in 1921 and in 1962), provides an early example of this interpretation, writing "The horseman on the white horse was clad in a showy and barbarous attire. [...] While his horse continued galloping, he was bending his bow in order to spread pestilence abroad. At his back swung the brass quiver filled with poisoned arrows, containing the germs of all diseases."

One interpretation, which was held by evangelist Billy Graham, casts the rider of the white horse as the Antichrist, or a representation of false prophets, citing differences between the white horse in Revelation 6 and Jesus on the white Horse in Revelation 19. In Revelation 19, Jesus has many crowns, but in Revelation 6 the rider has just one.

One down and three to go.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. The show has begun, some people are starting to watch.  

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