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Temecula, CA – Organized religions all say we live in a dualistic world, a world where there is good and evil. However that is false because evil is in the eye of the beholder. It was ‘good’ to the US to nuke Japan twice but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the (2) Japanese cities with the highest
concentration of Christians. Even Eisenhower ('watch out for the MIC') and Nimitz were against the Atomic droppings.

The game of ‘good vs. evil’ is played for one reason and one reason only, money [actually currency, the circulation of money]. The circulation of currency is akin to blood flowing through the god of money who is named Mammon by the Bible. This revelation came to me as I circulated amongst the protesters at Dana Point to disrupt the GMA’s draft of the phony ‘feel good’ GMO labeling bill just hawked by Michelle ['drink plenty of fluoridated water'] Obama.

So the dualistic world we live in isn’t about good and evil, it’s about lies and truth, and it has been that way from the beginning. Today we celebrate the only truth there is to this life. A man was born, died, and came back to life. But by the end of this article, you may see a second truth. BTW, do not confuse truth with facts because facts change. Knowledge comes from the truth and wisdom from the knowledge of what that truth means.

When you are in the water it is hard not to get wet, and so it is that way being in the world. 
The modern TV studio styled Christian Church just down the hill from me lost me as a potential member when the evangelist minister stated to everyone there at a service to boogie down. I don’t go to church to see women shaking their asses dancing, that’s what concerts are for. I used to go to church to learn; not for a family, not for false friends, not to socialize for fear if left on my own I will fall into Satan’s Snare, and not to be told by another person what to do as a form of control. People are fed up with group control or did you miss Nevada ranchers backing down the Federal Government recently? The story wasn’t aired like Britney Spears not wearing underwear. 

As you look up in the skies over the next few days and again see things like this...

Keep in mind the one truth in life that is also a fact, a man was born of a woman, died, and then came back to life. The factual proof of this was kept hidden for centuries by the Guardians of Christian theology, the Catholic Church, but as they say, ‘You can’t keep a good man down.’

With the second major event happening that has a cannabis theme to it, the first was this year’s Super Bowl, this 420 [4/20] Easter is the next path crossing of Divine Intervention into Man’s history. The recent blood moon eclipse, the same type as reported by NASA charts to have happened on Good Friday eve, 

shows a sign perhaps that with the Jews fighting the Christians fighting the Muslims, God has decided to sit this one out. As all 3 groups abide by Yoko Ono’s famous quote about a woman's place, perhaps the waiter bringing Mankind his Armageddon check is really a waitress, and one that some love as Mary Jane Green.

Happy Weedster Everybody!!

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