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Temecula, CA – There is an old saying of ‘throwing your hat inside’ the place you wish to attend to
see if you are welcome. If the hat gets thrown back out, you are not welcome there. If welcome, you go inside to fetch the hat. Glad-hand Joe Biden and the man with ketchup stains on his wallet and no lips, John Kerry, have been traveling to try and sooth the Eurasian waters but they remain much like the waters off Australia, empty of anything and stormy.

Giving a big Hi Yo Silver wave at the airport, Mr. Big, [Big Chem Monsanto, Big Oil Fracker, and Big Sellout TPP] again hopped and hoped to shore up the Asia Pivot for Profit over energy transportation in Eurasia. Working for our national oligarchic interests, Barry is also there to take care of loose American ends like Philip Wood’s American girlfriend who has become an English speaking spokesperson of the largely Chinese group of MH370 relatives. If her small plane goes down like the woman who talked to Obama about her 911 husband, we know the deal.

Truthfully, we are not here to give Obama any grief because the adverse advise from Mama Obama has drawn attention. We present our report.

‘Mrs. Obama has made kids’ health, including nutrition and exercise, her signature cause during her husband’s presidency. But she has consistently ignored the facts around GMO foods, including their link to obesity, and the fact that GMO crops require the use of tons of toxic herbicides and pesticides, which ultimately pollute soil, air and water and our food. Could this be because the position of FLOTUS carries no salary beyond the perks of any prestigious corporate wife?

Unlike past first ladies whose programs were based on a desire to actually help babies and children, Michelle, a mother of two almost grown women, has to be either onboard or only reading the morning funny papers. Respecting the woman who was smart enough to see through the smooth rap to hook a future ‘somebody’ points toward the former, not the latter. After all, she was smart enough not to be the one who seems dominated in this file photo.

Praying on trusting souls based on a commonality is akin to moral scandals in organizations. The first warning was the FLOTUS ‘Drink More Fluoridated Tap Water’ campaign she rolled out. 

Any basic research and this story vid points out what anyone really concerned would know. Fluoride is not healthy!!

When Mrs. Obama talks about healthy food choices—without talking about GMO labeling—she fails to address what has become one of the most high-profile, controversial food policy issues of our time. Increasingly, scientists and doctors warn of the dangers these toxins pose to our health, especially for children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. Even the American Medical Association has said that we need long-term, pre-market safety tests on the impact of GMO foods on human health.

For the first time in 20 years and after many hundreds of protests, marches, and spreading awareness, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has moved to update nutrition labels on food packaging by proposing new rules. What’s missing from the new rules? Any mention of requiring food companies to tell you if their products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These adopted new rules were the result of the GMA extravaganza at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point, covered by the Calendar.

Mrs. Obama helped unveil the FDA’s proposed new rules during an all-out tax-payer funded media blitz on February 27. She tied the announcement to her Let’s Move! campaign,‎ and said that the new rules will make food companies more honest, and give parents more accurate information so they can “make healthy food choices for their kids.”  

In 2012 the OCA launched a petition asking Mrs. Obama to remind the President of his 2007 campaign promise to label GMOs—a promise he has consistently failed to honor.  The petition garnered more than 207,000 signatures. What happened when we tried to deliver those signatures to Mrs. Obama? She ignored us!

 This duplicity does not go unnoticed, hence the demonstration in LA. 

Surely if Obama is in the Bible as claimed by some, the FLOTUS must also be there somewhere. We have had other famous women in the Bible either named or indicated.

With all that said, the Calendar feels indignant over the apparent ‘joke’ picture of the President and his wife photoshopped into baboons in the Belgium press. We feel the Washington Post should run a photoshopped picture of their head couple from the back with side facial profiles showing them with baboon asres. Give a joke, take a joke. 

This couple may be buttheads, but they are our buttheads. We have plenty of American racists and don’t need any outside agitation, thank you.

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