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Temecula, CA – Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time. That would certainly explain coming across the scoop still-exclusive to the whereabouts of missing Malaysian Flight MH370 shortly after March 8. In this story, still trending in the Top Ten, it was revealed what route the plane took and where the plane landed. 

Further stories have dealt with the handling by Malaysian officials, the Obamas snooping after the fact and cover-up, how and when Putin got involved, and why, plus the recent attempt at a red herring from the Voice of Russia, think Voice of America on vodka.

Up until a few minutes ago, I still had an 85% feeling that the tip I had received from a new and foreign mole source was correct. After all, everything coming from this mole’s source fit the details given in the first few officially released reports. Like the police, I held back the clue that would sink the pink. As I said, a few minutes ago, I read the clincher because it said what my mole had originally said to me about what was said to his source. After the jump, what was said and who did what.

It was on Saint Patrick’s Day that I was somewhere discussing the missing jet and how the officials seemed to be hiding something with the grandson of the Philippines’ first president. We agreed the relatives were exhibiting the same feelings and they were at ground zero. It wasn’t simply conspiracy thinking that we each were feeling. A man piped up in broken English and said. “I know where missing plane is. My friend, he has map.”

As I interviewed the man and giving him my email contact, he said that his friend had gotten a call from the cockpit. The co-pilot had told him what happened and the plane had landed at Osh. 

I tried to press on but my English is sometimes too exact for those with bits and pieces of it. When the information came, all I could read of it was the map route of the plane. When I checked the destination [source had said Osh International] and the route which originally was considered but then discarded for being over populated areas, aka radar, both the time/fuel limit and the mountainous sparsely populated route were possible for an experienced pilot. 

With the original report of a nonchalant, almost casual sounding greeting from the co-pilot that could also come from being caught off-guard and the simulator at the older pilot’s home, plus given the shared mid-astride onboard flight computer being navigated by both to reprogram the changed flight path, the scenario if sketchy, all fit the realm of distinct possibility. Using Sherlock Holmes type conjecture, it would make sense for the young romantic co-pilot to try and leave a message for his fiance/girlfriend more so than a staid and settled married man, especially if he was flying that bus.

Now proof positive that my foreign mole was right on the money comes from this story breaking now in the still in the dark main stream press:

‘A Malaysian official denied a report Saturday that the co-pilot of the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight made a “desperate” cellphone call before its demise, further complicating the confusion-shrouded investigation.

Malaysia’s New Straits Times, citing unidentified investigators, said they discovered co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid had placed a call when the plane was flying about 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang. Its low altitude allowed for a telecommunications tower to pick up the signal, according to the report. [Area would be inside the smaller red box on left, diagram below]

NBC News has not been able to independently confirm the report, and a Malaysian official said Saturday he “doesn’t think this is true.”

The latest knocked-down report comes as an earlier New Straits Times report last month claimed the plane was flying at a low altitude to avoid being detected by radar. But Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, head of a new Joint Agency Coordination Center, later said, “We don't know what altitude the aircraft was traveling at.”

The New Straits Times said that the co-pilot’s call had not been disclosed by officials earlier because the probe is ongoing and revealed information could compromise the investigation.

Malaysian officials are focusing their attention on the crew and pilots after police cleared all 227 passengers of any involvement in the plane’s tragic disappearance on March 8, when it left Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.

Many experts also maintain that only someone with extensive knowledge of a Boeing-777 would have been able to switch off the communications systems on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

While the investigation becomes more complicated, the search continues to grow in desperation, as the batteries on the black box could die any day, erasing any hope searchers have of picking up “pings” from the location of the ill-fated jet. Batteries of a black box last about a month, and the plane went missing more than five weeks ago.

Four “pings,” which could be from Flight 370’s black box have been detected by a U.S. Navy "Towed Pinger Locator,” but Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Saturday, “The signal from the black box is rapidly fading.”

After expressing optimism about the search on Friday, Abbott cautioned on Saturday that the hunt might continue “for a long time.”

"No one should underestimate the difficulties of the task still ahead of us," Abbott said.’

— Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC NEWS; all emphasis - Ed

The only thing piece left out of this puzzle is why the Malaysian officials started throwing water on this story. At first all the clues, no matter whether they made sense, were coming out. One thing has been thrown up to those I have pitched this theory to. If these guys, 20 heavyweight cloak tech guys with their coach/engineer were so valuable, why fly them all together? 

Answer: they weren’t supposed to be flying all together. Originally each group was flying separately but someone, perhaps the pilot captain, got the flight groups combined to one aircraft. This would explain why Philip Wood was confused about his flight departure times. The Malaysian officials never reported this little detail because somehow this disclosure would show them to be culpable. Perhaps someone’s grandson was talked into making the travel schedule changes who didn’t see the danger and was therefore used as a dupe.Someone in Malaysian dropped the ball and they know it. Same Fukushima style mindset.

Speaking of Fukushima...

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