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Friday night 10 MAS employees who had been held hostage at the ballroom of Lido Hotel, located in Beijing for more than eight hours by family members of passengers on missing airliner MH370, were
released. It is believed the release followed pressure from government officials though details on which parties were involved negotiating the release remain sketchy.

The incident took place right after the daily briefing to explain what was discussed during the press conference conducted by the Malaysian government this afternoon.

"The families were upset upon hearing the explanation by MAS staff there (in Beijing) when they were informed that the unidentified material that was washed ashore in Augusta southwest coast of Australia is not from MH370," the source said. "They refused to listen to the staff's explanation and demanded that government officials from either Malaysia or Australia to personally provide them an official statement on the unidentified object and not via MAS employees." The 400-odd family members would not accept that the unidentified object did not come from MH370.

It was learned that the employees were very careful not to make any calls fearing their phones may be confiscated by the upset family members.

It was reported that ATSB is confident the unidentified material that was washed ashore in Augusta, southwest coast of Western Australia was not from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) said today that the ATSB, after having examined the detailed photographs of the material, was satisfied that it was not a lead in relation to the search for the ill-fated flight.

Meanwhile more than 100 relatives of passengers aboard missing Flight MH370 staged a sit-in protest outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing late Thursday amid claims that they had been snubbed.

The family members allege that Malaysian officials went back on promises to meet with them.

"We will keep waiting here," said Steve Wang, who is a spokesman for the families. "[Prime Minister] Najib had said that his government has established good communications and relations with the families. So we are here to demonstrate to the world what his so-called 'good communication and good relations' look like through the media. They have again deceived [the world]."

Police were forced to stop traffic during the protest as the crowd waved placards saying things like: "Never give up, we waiting right here!"

Wang said the government promised the families that representatives from the embassy and Malaysia Airlines would attend briefings but no one had showed up. He also alleged that "the government just avoids their duties."

Some of the family members have threatened to go on hunger strike until their demands are met.
Mystery still surrounds the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 some 47 days after it disappeared while en route from Kulala Lumpur to the Chinese capital.

Meanwhile a story here has finally made it there but no one has blown up the real story of where.

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