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Temecula, CA – As the world waits to see if the pings coming from the ocean floor will silence upset Chinese relatives associated with Malaysian Flight MH370, local sidewalk pings have indicated a 
growing market segment happening in Temecula. We have sniffed the need for clear concise product news concerning the coming of age local marijuana market.

To help educate our readers about cannabis products is Temecula Calendar’s newest voice and the valley area’s first herbologist, ChaCha Va Voom, CEO of the international organization known as the 420Nurses.

In the late sixties and early seventies, smoking weed was often done among the avant-garde who served a nice wine to compliment the greenery. Now as the once illegal natural plant is poised to become legal for those who don’t require ingestion [Gen 1:29-30] of the herb to function in today’s genetically manipulated world, the stage is once again set to embrace the two culture comforts of humankind, wine and weed. 

With the importance of Temecula to the scheme of California wine growing and the spin of this unique valley, the Calendar could do no less than bring you reviews from an expert in the field, not what someone thinks about what they heard. Meet the writer who is Temecula’s First Herbologist, and the newest too.

Today there exists an enlarging market of the reading population that are interested in more than the usual ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ story about pot. To meet this demand the founder and leader of the group 420Nurses was approached to address this demographic. 

The idea of a model group sprung into existence from costumes for a Hollywood Halloween party in 2009. As the night progressed along, more and more interest was expressed from other women medical marijuana patients who related to the idea of being a nurse bringing the good news about cannabis by using your looks to model for cannabis market shows, rap groups like the Kottonmouth Kings, etc. The group has exploded into a movement on the scene just as pot has now become the new black.

Leading the group of 420Nurses is the visionary leader and group mom, ChaCha Va Voom, sharing the last names Va Voom with a number of Mexican wrestlers in the Nacho Libre style. Alongside organizing, designing, facilitating, and communicating, aside from being a top model and all the beauty how-tos that entails to keeping a positive outlook no matter the task plus inspiring others, is a full plate for anyone. However, the lead of the group exhibits the best three sides of cannabis [art, sex, intelligence], is a multi-tasker powered off the activism to make cannabis legal again and savvy enough to keep it GMO-free in California.

Having been the topic in the now long-running Top Ten story ‘Getting Fit – Staying Lit’ showing her viewer appeal, it is the Temecula Calendar’s pleasure to welcome Ms. ChaCha Va Voom to the pages of our news blog for the Temecula Valley and beyond. We are glad for her expertise on a subject that is both a product as well as a political force.

Watch for ChaCha’s debut with ‘This Bud’s For You’, starring the valley’s ONLY herbologist, exclusively here.

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