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Temecula, CA – The only local restaurant deli tasty enough to win back-to-back San Diego food review awards, Rock n’ Jenny’s, again shows its way to local townie hearts with a month long [April] way to say Thanks, Temecula and celebrate 25 years in Escondido. All month long their weekend special price of $2.99 for the signature turkey grinder [reg. $3.99] is available.

For trying or just getting stuck on the yummy sandwich flavored with the vinaigrette sauce that started it all [down in Escondido which is why a Temecula deli could be awarded by someone in San Diego], the daily special is a perfect way to taste why Rock ‘n’ Jenny’s won that award in the first place. 

This time we visit to give you a tourist view. 

When the Temecula location was ready to open.
Mark and Jenny get ready to open in early December, 2013
 How the Temecula Rock n' Jenny's location looks now next door to corner burger fare, 5 Guys

Husband Mark and wife Jenny of Rock n' Jenny's pose for picture inside new Temec location

Father 'Rock' and daughter Jenny dance the Rock n' Jenny at Escondido store opening. Photo became tee shirt logo later.

You'll dance too when your lips smack down on that 6" turkey sub, now only $2.99 all through April.

And yes, they were hiring when I was last there.

 Now how did that photo get in this story?

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