Monday, April 21, 2014



Temecula, CA - We are clearing the hurdles with phone calls. Vermont is also racing the Federal Government's sellout of American kids to Monsanto with a Senate Bill of its own. Here's the update from Lisa in San Fernando Valley!

All, THANKS FOR BEING ON THE TEAM AND MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!  You DO make a difference by making these calls.

PLEASE TAKE 6 MINUTES BY MONDAY NIGHT 4/21 to call the 6 state senators below, per the request of Pamm Larry, our statewide leader.  Getting SB1381 voted successfully out of the Senate Judiciary Committee is our next hurdle in getting it passed into law.  Pamm would like us to call each member of the committee prior to next Tuesday's vote, information below. (Judiciary Cmte. relates to consumer protections, per one aide).

And for those of you that haven't yet heard, Vermont's state senate has just passed their labeling law. Now it will go to their 2nd legislative house and hopefully the governor (same process as in CA). This is an extremely big deal we can all take encouragement in, our efforts are beginning to pay off.   The momentum is on our side, let's make the most of it and encourage our representatives to pass SB 1381.  California can do the same as Vermont.

Tuesday, April 22 is another big day for SB 1381 as we go before the Senate Judiciary Committee! We need you to help the members of that committee to feel the support for voting YES on SB 1381.  Please be positive, polite and encouraging.

Ricardo Lara -                 (916) 651-4033   

Hannah-Beth Jackson -     (916) 651-4019

Ellen Corbett  Fremont -   (916) 651-4010

Andy Vidak -                   (916) 651 4016

Joel Anderson -               (916) 651-4036

Mark Leno -                    (916) 651-4011

Tuesday, April 22-

If you live close to Sacramento please attend a rally, visit your rep and attend the hearing- 10:00am CA State Capitol -  meet on North Sidewalk at 10th& L St

Rally  or Visit Legislators -  10-11:30am.  Group Photo 11:30 - Noon! 


Any time-  If you haven't endorsed SB 1381, please go to Californians for GE [genetically engineered] Food Labeling please go to - and endorse the bill. 

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