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Temecula, CA – Being an American Jewish mutt who has lived in this country for almost three-quarters of a century gives you a long list of memories to draw comparisons to about today’s breaking
news topics. As ‘Lois Lane with a penis’ [LLWAP] some stories are scoops like the inside track to where the ‘missing Malaysian jet’ actually went. Other stories just start and develop a buzz that you, as a writer/reporter just have to respond to. The Blazing Saddles saga of Donald Sterling is one of those stories.

Before we look at the facts and truths of the ongoing saga, let us pause to reflect on having four upcoming eclipses [3 lunar, 1 solar] all happening on Jewish Holy days as a sign to the Jews that the second hand on the clock of destiny has stopped, time’s up. For the Catholics you have the double confirmed prediction [St. Malachy, Nostradamus] that Pope Francis is the last Pope. Islam notes one of the very last minor signs of the last days is the competition of the constructing of tall buildings in the Middle East. Anyone and everyone knows where the world’s tallest structures are now and it ain’t in New York City anymore, Toto. 

As destroyers start to circle like sharks from divers countries and the two ‘kings’ in the north clamor swords over routes of commercial resourcing, you don’t have the same ‘church packing’ the nation saw during the Cuban Missile Standoff. Rather than see the approaching ‘uncut stone’ being prepared for the ‘feet’ of the image in Dan 2, the feet being America, folks are up in arms over an old married white guy hosing a brown-skin hottie because of what he said, looking past why he said what he said. Tis the daze of Noah. Where is Cleavon Little when we really need him?

First, this is LA. You have an abundance of exotic looking women mingled in with drop-dead gorgeous basic ethnic types all in great weather. The culture is young/rich meaning if you are rich, you can have youth, be it by knife or boudoir. Some things are wrong but in LA the rule seems to be, ‘wrong ain’t wrong if done by the right people.’ So let’s look at the wrongs in this case.

Wrong No. 1 – the guy is married. Sure many people play around but in this case there is hardly any mention of this 'married' factoid. Shameful reporting and a ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ mindset.

Wrong no. 2 – Mrs. Sterling’s statement, “I am not a racist.” What the hell does that mean? I’ve banged all colors? Or I don’t care what color the woman my husband fucks, as long as he doesn’t spend too much money on them. Where is the ‘You bastard, fucking around on me with another woman’ rant? At 80 she is not going to be ex-Mrs. Sterling and not be part of the game.

Wrong No. 3 – the LA NAACP. Has there ever been a bunch of ‘educated blacks’ more bourgeoisie outside of Washington? The notion of giving a man with a long history of racial discrimination in business dealings a Lifetime Achievement Award shows why the organization only appeals to a certain ‘upwardly mobile demo’ who don’t see skin color, only wallet thickness.Sterling has a net worth of about $1.9 billion. He was born Donald Tokowitz to Jewish emigrants parents Mickey and Susan Tokowitz. You may notice that there has been NO outburst against Mr. Sterling from any member or from that branch of the National Organization. (Update: The head of the LA NAACP has since resigned - Ed)

Mr. Sterling, though bigoted racially, isn't wrong in feeling certain angst about his [80yrs] less the half his age [31yrs] mistress. In the world of Donald Sterling, his boys [friends, not his team] know he fucks around. It's like owning a boat. When you have other people rubbing on the varnish, smearing the paint's finish, and even posing for pictures beside your boat, your friends come by and said, "Did you see so-and-so with your boat yesterday?" The affair has been going on since 2010 after the two met during the Super Bowl.

The question of ‘what would it take to make this all go away is about to be answered but not in the manner Mr. and Mrs. Sterling might like. There is some ‘magic’ in the corner and there is a lesson.

For Mrs. Sterling – you were the one who precipitated this mess by suing your husband’s last mistress. Perhaps you are not racist but you did underestimate this brown-skinned temptress. You are about to sit on your own dildo. The duplex Dandy Don bought his girlfriend was for his privacy, his away-from-home home. That’s why he wanted himself taped. Owning a franchise team is a 25-hour a day job [I have a mole escort who dated in a football franchise] and you have to keep track of people who are keeping track of people running the show. Instead of writing off the bad behavior,

Sterling has a net worth of about $1.9 billion. He was born Donald Tokowitz to Jewish emigrants parents Mickey and Susan Tokowitz. - See more at: http://fabwags.com/vanessa-perez-v-stiviano-clippers-owner-ronald-sterlings-girlfriend/#sthash.rdbj8YED.dpuf

you have now opened a can of worms.

For Mr. Sterling – it is a common urban legend that every bigoted white likes black/non-white tail which is about as common as your most homophobic talking heads being closet homos themselves or that all black men want some white pussy. However, every stereotype is based on reality, not fiction.
My deceased aunt [by marriage], an educated and definitely upwardly mobile person once said to me, “We don’t care about you having ‘white girlfriends’ we just don’t think you should have ‘white’ friends.” It was the last time I sat at her dinner table.

It would seem that Donald Sterling has been eating at the same table, and now public opinion is bringing him the check. It sucks to be you.

The ‘race’ problem isn’t just in America though you would think it is from the news. Discrimination by color, or by tribe in some countries, is and has been going on and will continue. Rent a copy of Blazing Saddles and see how people looked at race here in the swinging 70s before things got politically correct.

(updated from previous wrong age of 38 for Sterling's mistress- Ed)

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